Registering a Business

Understand the steps which must be taken in order to establish and register a private limited company in the United Kingdom...

To set up a private limited company the following must be filed with Companies House:

  • signed Memorandum of Association – a statement that the subscribers wish to form a company and have agreed to become shareholders of the company
  • signed Articles of Association – the rules under which the company will be run
  • completed Form IN01 – details of the Registered Office, director(s) and secretary (appointment of a secretary is optional for a private limited company), share capital, initial shareholders and a statement of compliance confirming the various requirements relating to the incorporation have been met
  • the registration fee (£14 for the standard service via electronic means; £40 for the standard service in paper format and £100 for same day registration in paper format)

As soon as the Registrar of Companies issues a certificate of incorporation, the company may commence trading.

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