Activities for Toddlers in Vietnam

Information on entertainment and activities available when out and about with your kids in Vietnam…

There are zoos and amusement parks in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with attractions such as water-parks and water puppet shows to amuse young children. There are also numerous opportunities for swimming and water sports along the central coast.

Most modern residential complexes have children’s playgrounds, which comply with safety regulations.

Many international kindergartens and private care centres organise toddler groups.

There are some expat social clubs aimed specifically at women in Vietnam. These provide good opportunities for foreign mothers to meet up informally with other women with young families, enabling their children to meet and interact with other pre-school age children.

Examples of expat clubs for women include:

Out and about in Hanoi with toddlers

There are many parks and gardens in Hanoi which are ideal locations for families with young children.

  • American Club - There is an area that is open to the public for a small entrance fee
    At: 19-21 Hai Ba Trung, Hoàn Kiếm
  • Botanical Gardens (Vuon Bach Thao)
    At: Vuon Bach Thao, Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Hanoi
    Open: Daily from 07:30-20:00
  • Kinder Park
    At: 614 Lac Long Quan St, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
    Open: From Tuesday to Friday 09:00-19:00, weekends 09:00-21:00
  • Museum of Ethnology (Bảo Tàng Dân Tộc Học)
    At: Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cầu Giấy District, Hanoi
    Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 08:30 to 17:30, closed Mondays
  • Nghia Do Park (Công Viên Nghĩa Đô)
    At: 64 Nguyễn Văn Huyên Street (Nguyễn Khánh Toản), Cầu Giấy District, Hanoi (across the street from the Museum of Ethnology)
  • Tay Ho Waterpark (Công Viên Nuoc Ho Tay)
    At: 614 Lạc Long Quân, Tây Hồ, Hanoi
    Open: Wednesday to Monday (April to November), 09:00-21:00

Note: Parks are usually crowded from 05:00-07:00 and 16:30-18:00 when adults exercise.