Emergency Numbers

Numbers for police, ambulance, fire and rescue services: who to call and what to say in an emergency...

Emergency Numbers

Police Tel: 113
Tel: 114
Ambulance Tel: 115

Useful Numbers

Directory Assistance Tel: 116
International Operator Tel: 110
Time Tel: 117

Emergency Words and Terminology

Accident tai nạn
I have had an accident Tôi đã có một tai nạn
Injured Bị thương
Unconscious Bất tỉnh
Bleeding chảy máu
Heart attack Đau tim
Stroke đột quỵ
Drowning Chết đuối
Burn ghi
Very sick bệnh nặng
In labour/having contractions trong lao động/có co thắt
I am in labour tôi đang đi làm
Need a doctor Cần một bác sĩ
Need an ambulance Cần một xe cứu thương
Fire lửa
The house is on fire ngôi nhà đang cháy
The car is on fire Chiếc xe đang cháy
I am being burgled tôi bị trộm
Someone is in the house Ai đó đang ở trong nhà
Emergencytrường hợp khẩn cấp
Help me giúp tôi
Help! Cứu giúp

Personal Crises, Embassies and Passports

The Consular office of the Embassy of a foreign national in Vietnam has the responsibility - and the facilities - to provide help and information to a citizen in distress. This may be as a result of being a victim of crime, arrested on suspicion of committing a crime, serious illness, the unexpected death of a partner or spouse, as well as help with repatriation after a crisis.

Consular offices also provide help in the case of a lost or stolen passport.

  • For contact details for embassies and consulates in Vietnam see the Consular Services page