Health System in Vietnam

Information on the Vietnamese health system and the types of medical care available...

As a developing country, Vietnam is in the process of improving its healthcare system and has made great efforts in implementing health financing reforms.

Under the current healthcare system payments are made into the national Health Insurance Fund on both a compulsory and a voluntary basis, and the system is very complicated, with different groups of people receiving varying amounts of healthcare subsidy. The Law on Health Insurance, which came into effect in 2009, aims to achieve universal health insurance coverage and provide all residents with basic medical care by 2014.

Health Insurance

Foreign employees in Vietnam (contracted for three months or longer) are liable to pay contributions towards the national Health Insurance Fund.

State health insurance entitles foreigners to register to use a public hospital. However, charges for (subsidised) medicine and more complex procedures should be expected, even at public hospitals. As a result, most foreigners choose to purchase private health insurance from one of the many providers in the country, which allows for different gradients of access and coverage by private clinics and hospitals.