Maternity Employment Protection and Rights

Information on the maternity rights and employment protection for working mothers in Vietnam...

During pregnancy, women are entitled to five to ten working days off for check-ups.

In the case of a miscarriage or if the pregnancy is terminated, women are granted leave:

  • One-month pregnancy – 10 working days off
  • One to three month pregnancy – 20 working days off
  • Three to six month pregnancy – 40 working days off
  • A pregnancy over six months – 50 working days off

A completed application form is needed to request maternity leave. It must be given to the head of department within 15 days of the expected delivery date.

  • For an example of the application form: Click here (in Vietnamese)

Maternity Leave

Since May 2013, female workers in Vietnam are entitled to six months of maternity leave. If a woman has more than one child, she is entitled to a further 30 days off for each additional child.

Articles 34 and 35 of the Law on Social Insurance state that female workers must receive 100 percent of their average salary during their six-months’ maternity leave.

A woman can return to work after four months of maternity leave if she has a permission document issued by a competent medical centre stating that she is able to work.

A working woman who has a child who is less than 12 months old is entitled to 60 minutes per working day to take care of her baby.

Paternity Leave

As of 2016, five working days of paternity leave is granted to male employees covered by Social Insurance. It can be extended to 14 days depending on if the child is born early, if the birth is natural or by C-section, and if it is a multiple birth.