People of Vietnamese Origin

Information about the special legislation regarding the property rights of people of Vietnamese origin…

People of Vietnamese origin (known as overseas Vietnamese, or Viet Kieu) are permitted to own property in Vietnam, provided that they satisfy one or more of the following conditions:

  • They have lived in Vietnam for three or more months
  • They have Vietnamese nationality. This can be demonstrated by having:
    • A Vietnamese passport
    • A certificate of Vietnamese citizenship if a foreign passport is used
  • They have returned to Vietnam in order to make direct investments
  • They are people who have made worthy contributions to the country, scientists, cultural scholars, those who have Vietnamese spouses living in the country and people with special skills or technical knowledge which Vietnam requires
  • They are of Vietnamese origin and have been issued visa-exemption papers and are permitted to reside in Vietnam for three or more months
  • Be a long-term investor who needs a residence in Vietnam
  • Have made great contributions to the country
  • Be a cultural scholar or scientist or possess special skills or technical knowledge which Vietnam requires
  • Want to settle permanently in Vietnam
  • Overseas Vietnamese cannot hold land use rights on any land which cannot be transferred or presented to a Vietnamese national under Vietnamese law
  • Companies and private enterprises are not allowed to receive the rights to use wet-rice growing land, protected forests or other forests unless the conversion of the land-use right is approved
  • People who purchase wet-rice growing land must engage in agricultural production
  • People cannot take over the rights to use residential or agricultural land in any restricted area, including “eco-restoration” subdivisions of forests or protected forests if they do not live within those forests

Inherited Land Rights

As of July 1 2015, Overseas Vietnamese are permitted to inherit land in the same way as local Vietnamese citizens, providing the above conditions are met.

For further information about inheritance law in Vietnam and how it affects foreigners and overseas Vietnamese, see the Inheritance Law page.