Postal Services in Vietnam

Understand the postal system in Vietnam, with information about sending and receiving mail and other post office services...

Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) is responsible for the running of the national post office in Vietnam. On a regional level, however, the postal system is controlled by Vietnam Post.

  • Vietnam Post (in Vietnamese)
    At: 05 Pham Hung, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi
    Tel: 1900 545481 (hotline customer support)

Post Offices

Every city or province of Vietnam has one central post office and many minor post offices. Many post offices have facilities for express mail services.

Post Offices are generally open between 07:00-18:00 during the week and 08:00-12:00 on weekends, although this varies.

  • For a timetable of post office opening hours in Ho Chi Minh City: Click here (in Vietnamese)

Express Mail Service (EMS)

EMS is an express service provided by VN Post Express. It reaches more than 60 provinces and cities throughout Vietnam and over 6,000 post offices provide this service to help customers receive posted items quickly and conveniently.

VN Post Express also provides an international EMS service.

  • For further information about international EMS destinations from Vietnam, as well as packaging instructions: Click here (in Vietnamese)

VNQuickpost is an international courier service using DHL Express.

  • Tel: 1900 545481 (hotline)

Magazines and Newspapers

A delivery service for newspapers and magazines is available. Subscriptions can be arranged at any post office and delivery is on demand. This service delivers over 600 domestic titles and 100 international newspapers and magazines.

Collect on Delivery (COD)

When using this service payment is made by the receiver of the letter or parcel rather than the sender. The cost of delivery is initially paid for by the sender but is then reimbursed to their bank account after payment is collected from the receiver.

Postal Finance

This service allows for bill payments by mail and telegram, express money transfer and receiving funds from abroad by international money order.

  • For full details of the postal services provided by VNPT: Click here
  • For full details of the services provided by Vietnam Post: Click here (in Vietnamese)