Mobile/Cellular Telephones in Vietnam

Find out how to get yourself a mobile telephone in Vietnam…

The two main companies which provide the telephone system and Internet access in Vietnam are Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), and Viettel.

VNPT is operated by the Vietnamese Government and also functions as the national Post Office of Vietnam. The mobile phone service providers MobiFone and Vinaphone are both owned by VNPT.

Viettel is operated by the Ministry of Defence. The company supplies both landline and mobile phone services.

All three companies provide a range of pre-paid and post-paid packages.

Getting Connected

Mobile handsets are the most popular form of telephones in Vietnam and it is very easy to get connected to the mobile phone network. Foreigners need to present ID in the form of passport or foreign registration card when buying a SIM card at a mobile phone store, however.

Once the SIM card has been inserted into the phone, call 900 and press 1 for Vietnamese and 2 for English language options and follow the instructions. Some additional set-up may be necessary in order to install 3G Internet.

Lost Mobile Telephones

Lost or stolen mobile phones should be reported to the provider using the emergency customer service number. The provider will block the number and prevent any further unauthorised calls from being made.

  • Vinaphone Emergency Contact Number – Tel: 9191
  • Viettel Emergency Contact Number – Tel: 19008198

To recover the number bring ID and a list of five telephone numbers from the phone’s contact list into a branch of the provider.

  • To find a local Vinaphone store: Click here (in Vietnamese)