Domestic Water Supply

Understand the water supply system in Vietnam and the different providers involved...

Despite the plentiful surface and ground water resources in Vietnam there are often serious local water shortages due to uneven rainfall distribution, a prolonged dry season and an insufficient physical infrastructure. Access to a piped water supply also varies dramatically between urban and rural areas of Vietnam.

Tap water is not safe to drink as it may contain harmful contaminants.

Water Suppliers

There are several water suppliers operating in different regions of Vietnam. All of the companies supplying water for household purposes are overseen by the Ministry of Health.


Hanoi Water Limited Company (Hawaco) is the government organisation responsible for domestic and business water supply services in Hanoi. The following districts of Hanoi have their own Hawaco water suppliers:

  • Ba Dinh
    Tel: (04) 38293155     
    Fax: (04) 37164686
  • Dong Da
    Tel: (04) 37474035          
    Fax: (04) 37171035
  • Hoan Kiem
    Tel: (04) 38257670  / (04) 3933 816               
    Fax: (04) 39332892
  • Hai Ba Trung
    Tel: (04) 38211638      
    Fax: (04) 39874696
  • Cau Giay
    Tel: (04) 37640175          
    Fax: (04) 376462896

Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon Water Corporation (Sawaco) is the government organisation responsible for domestic and business water supply services in Ho Chi Minh City. The following districts of Ho Chi Minh City have their own Sawaco water suppliers:

  • Gia Dinh (in Vietnamese)
    Tel: (08) 38412654 / (08) 38412656
  • Phu Hoa Tan (in Vietnamese)
    Tel: (08) 9552650 / (08) 8550532 / (08) 8558410
  • Ben Thanh (in Vietnamese)
    Tel: (08) 38297147
  • Thu Duc (in Vietnamese)
    Tel: (08) 3896024
  • Cho Lon (in Vietnamese)
    Tel: (08) 38552354
  • Nha Be (in Vietnamese)
    Tel: (08) 5412.2499

Getting Connected

For people renting accommodation in Vietnam it is common for all utility services to be arranged by the landlord. In this case, there is no need to arrange water connection when moving in. If the account is to be held in the tenant's name, then the local office of the provider should be contacted with the new details.

The documents needed to arrange connection to the water supply are as follows:

  • Application form (available from any local branch of the water company)
  • Copy of ID
  • Residency card or passport (foreigners also need a valid visa)
  • Proof of address
  • Certificate of house ownership or rental contract
  • Fee for water meter

Connection takes 3-5 days after the application form has been submitted.

Paying Bills

A water bill is issued every month and is based on a monthly meter reading. The water meter is always set up outside of a property to allow an agent from the water company to take a reading each month. The bill is then sent directly to the property.

Payment is usually made in cash to the water company agent or it can be paid at a local branch of the water company. Some water supply companies now also accept payment by bank transfer and at ATMs. Customers need to register with the water company to use this service.

  • For details of the tariff for water consumption at Hawaco: Click here (in Vietnamese)