Fishing in Vietnam

Find out about the opportunities for fishing in Vietnam, and how to go about it…

With its long coastline and abundance of rivers and lakes, Vietnam presents many opportunities and settings for different types of fishing. Fish forms a staple of most Vietnamese diets, and as such fishing can be observed anywhere from beaches to mountain lakes and even city canals.

Sea Fishing

It is possible to fish in most of the waters open to the public in Vietnam. Common fish species that can be caught include varieties of snapper and marlin, while sharks and tuna can also be caught when deep-sea fishing.

Fishing by boat

Boat fishing can be organised on the spot with local fishermen, or through organised tours. The best areas for sea fishing are the towns along the south central coastline between Phan Tiet and Quy Nhon. Many tour companies operate out of the resort towns and can organise trips to uninhabited islands off the coast.

River Fishing

Vietnam is famous for the pangasius catfish, known locally as basa. It is quite common in the Mekong Delta, and is also possible to catch by hand in organised “mud-fishing” tours.

Permits and Fees

Unlike most countries, there is no fishing permit or licence required for fishing in Vietnam. However, in certain designated fishing lakes, particularly in the Central Highlands region, there is a fee of around VND100,000 per fishing rod, which is payable to a scout or attendant on site. Additionally, many lakes in and around cities are considered private government property, and fishing is not permitted.

Equipment, Tackle and Bait

As most fishing in Vietnam is carried out using traditional local, handmade equipment, professional fishing shops are rare. However, professional equipment and bait can be found in the major cities.