Playing Golf in Vietnam

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The Vietnamese Golf Association (VGA) was formed in 2007 and joined the International Golf Federation (IGF) in 2009. It now has around 5,000 members who can play at around 25 courses spread throughout the country. Most courses are privately owned and are normally situated adjacent to a resort or residential complex; however, access can be gained through membership or even day tickets in most clubs.

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The VGA's membership in the IGF also allows some of the courses it oversees to be rated and brought into the international handicap system, thereby allowing residents and tourists alike to use their handicaps.

Players wishing to gain a handicap card that is recognised both in Vietnam and internationally should register at their course for handicap services. They then need to submit 10 score cards and pay a small annual fee for a VGA licensed handicap. The VGA is licensed to use and authorise handicap certificates according to the US Golf Association (USGA) system, thus also making it recognised internationally.

Some of the courses that have already been internationally rated are:

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