Social Security in Vietnam

Find out about an individual's obligations and benefit entitlements under Vietnam’s social welfare system...

The government department responsible for overseeing social security-related activities is the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA).

Employment Funds

There are three forms of social security insurance payable by Vietnamese citizens, and both employers and employees pay contributions to these:

  1. Social Insurance (SI) Fund
  2. Health Insurance (HI) Fund
  3. Unemployment Insurance (UI) Fund

Foreign employees (contracted for three months or longer) are also liable to pay contributions towards the Health Insurance Fund but do not pay Social Insurance or Unemployment Insurance contributions.

The Vietnam Social Insurance Agency (SIA) is responsible for implementing the government’s policies and managing the Social Insurance Fund.

State health insurance entitles foreigners to use a public hospital that must be stipulated/assigned in the registration process. However, charges for (subsidised) medicine and more complex procedures should be expected, even at public hospitals. As a result, most foreigners choose to purchase private health insurance from one of the many providers in the country, which allows for different gradients of access and coverage by private clinics and hospitals.