Telephone Numbers in Vietnam

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Useful Telephone Numbers

To call internationally from Vietnam:
Dial exit code followed by country code and number
Exit code:
00 + country code + telephone number
To call internationally to Vietnam:
Dial entry code then Vietnamese number
Entry code:
84 + area code + telephone number
Emergency services Tel: 114 (fire), 113 (police), 115 (ambulance)

Telephone Numbers in Vietnam

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have 8-digit subscriber numbers, all other areas have 6- or 7-digit numbers. Some special services such as government agencies have 4-, 5- or 6-digit subscriber numbers.

Area codes can be between 1- and 3-digits long. Calls within the same area do not need an area code. For calls to Vietnamese cellular phones, a 2-digit code must be dialled in place of the area code. A 0 must be added before the area code for all calls made within Vietnam.

Telephone Directories

The Vietnamese Yellow Pages are available online in English.




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