Temporary Residence Cards

All the essential information about getting a Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam...

Foreigners who wish to remain in Vietnam for longer than 12 months need to apply to the Ministry of Public Security for a Temporary Residence Card. They also need to register their address, as well as their purpose and duration of residency with the local police department.

Note: A residence permit of any duration does not automatically allow the permit holder to work in Vietnam. Work permits should be applied for in a separate process.

The Temporary Residence Card lasts for between one and three years. Foreigners can apply for the Temporary Residence Card if they fulfil any of the following criteria:

  • Member of a limited liability company with two members or more
  • Owner of a one-member limited liability company
  • Member of the Board of Directors of a Vietnamese joint-stock company
  • Foreign lawyer who has been licensed by the Ministry of Justice to practice law in Vietnam
  • Foreigner (with a related work permit) working in a Vietnamese enterprise or a representative office of a foreign company
  • Professional, student, or trainee working or studying in a national programme or project approved by the government
  • Family member of a residence permit holder (spouse, parents, or children under 18)
  • Family member of a Vietnamese citizen (spouse, parents, or children under 18)

Note: De facto relationships are not recognised for residence permit purposes.

The following documents are required when applying for a Temporary Residence Card:

  • Application form N7A
  • Application form N7B
  • Two passport-sized photographs (3cm x4cm)
  • Valid passport
  • Recommendation letter from the employer in Vietnam who is sponsoring the application for a Temporary Residence Card. Legal records of the employer may also need to be provided, for example a Business Registration Certificate, Investment Certificate or licence for the establishment of representative office
  • Evidence of the purpose of residency in Vietnam such as an employment contract or work permit
  • Proof of temporary residence registration with the local police department which has been completed within 30 days of moving to a new address
  • Proof of relationship (where appropriate) in the form of birth certificates, marriage registration and family record book

All documentation must be notarised and translated into Vietnamese.

The processing time for a Temporary Residence Card application is four to seven working days from the date of receiving the complete documents.

A Temporary Residence Card will not be issued if the applicant’s passport is valid for less than a year, and the duration of the residence card will always be at least one month shorter than the duration of the holder’s passport.

Issuing Bodies

Applications and renewals for both the temporary and permanent residence cards can be processed at the following locations:


  • Immigration Department Head Office (A18) in Hanoi
    At: 44-46 Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
    Tel: (04) 38257941 / (04) 38264026
    Fax: (04) 38243287 / (04) 38243288
  • Immigration Office
    At: 89 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Immigration Office
    At: 2 Phung Hung, Ha Dong District, Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh City

  • Immigration Department Head Office in Ho Chi Minh City
    : 254 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
    Tel: (08) 39202300 / (08) 39200365
  • Immigration Office
    : 161 Nguyen Du, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


  • Immigration Department Head Office in Danang
    : 7 Tran Quy Cap Street, Hai Chau District, Danang City
    : (0511) 3860476
  • Immigration Office
    : 78 Le Loi Street, Hai Chau District, Danang


The following documents are required in order to renew a Temporary Residence Card:

  • Application form N5A (in Vietnamese, must also be completed in Vietnamese) from the company, organisation or individual acting as sponsor for the applicant
  • Application form N5B, which needs to be signed and officially notarised
  • Two passport-sized photographs (3cm x4cm)
  • Expired Temporary Residence Card
  • Renewal fee

The processing time for renewals is five working days after the receipt of the required documents.