Bus and Coach Travel in Vietnam

Information on getting around the country using the bus and coach networks...

The bus network in Vietnam is extensive and covers most of the country. There are major terminals in most provinces which serve both local and interprovincial bus routes. There are many private bus companies operating throughout the country, and in larger cities and major tourist destinations such as Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City there are public bus services run by the cities’ Department of Transport.

Bus Services

Bus (buýt) services usually run between 05:00-18:00, although some routes may operate until 20:00. Buses are usually manned by two members of staff – the driver and a ticket inspector. Tickets may be bought from the bus station or from the ticket inspector. Staff working on Vietnamese buses are unlikely to speak English so many foreigners take a slip of paper with their destination written on to show when purchasing a ticket for a bus journey. Local buses are cheap, although they are often very crowded and do not have air-conditioning.

  • For a map of bus services in Ho Chi Minh City: Click here (in Vietnamese)

Coach Services

Express interprovincial coach services are usually large, modern and comfortable. Many provide free Wi-Fi, TV and water facilities. Some coach companies also have their own rest stations with restaurants and shops along the route. Tickets should be bought from the registered ticket booths at the bus terminal.

Main coach companies

Children under the age of five travel free of charge and tickets are half price for children between the ages of five and ten. Discounted monthly tickets are also available for regular users.

Most coaches are not equipped with facilities for disabled passengers, although some special services are available on some routes.


Taxis are a convenient and popular means of transportation in Vietnam, especially for foreigners. They operate in all of the big cities and can also run to rural areas. Reputable taxi firms always carry a logo on the top of the car.