Counselling & Therapists

Dr. Emel Stroup
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to treat of a variety of psychological and psychiatric disorders.
Baris Gurkas
Clinical psychologist offers therapy and psychological counselling.
Dr. Ayhan Kalyoncu
Services offered include psychiatric evaluation, medication management, consultation, psychological testing and individual and marital therapy.
Istanbul Creative Arts Therapy Institute
Using a form of psychotherapy which people express themselves through stories and movement, play, music and drawing. Individual and group therapies (in person or online), workshops, trainings and supervision both in Turkish and English.
Hande Işın
Services offered include individual psychotherapy, family and couple counselling and group therapy.
Korto Psychology
Psychological support and self-development services for couples, children and individuals.
Dr. Mehmet Levent Soylu
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, specialized especially in marital and sexual therapies and Gestalt Psychotherapy. Additional ed- London Institute of psychiatry (Couple and sexual Therapy Master Program) Cleveland Institute of Gestalt foundation Program.
Feyzullah Alpman
Individual therapy, sexual therapy, family and couple therapy.
Istanbul Psikoloji Atolyesi
Psychology practice offers individual, couple, child, adolescent, family, and sexual therapy services. Also offers group therapy.
Face to Face Therapia
Psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, couples and family therapist, psychosexual therapist offers psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, counselling and psychosexual therapy.
Necib Varan
Psychotherapist, psychosexual therapist and an addiction specialist offering psychological therapies for individuals and couples.
K. Naciye Citil
USA graduate (MA) Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Couples and Marriage Therapist.  Registered Clinical Counsellor, BC, Canada. Using psychodynamic approach, psychosomatic psychotherapy, trauma specific therapy.
Dr Axel Würz
Psychotherapist to help with a wide variety of mental health complaints and life's challenges. Specialist psychiatrist in psychotherapy (UK). CBT, EMDR, schema therapy and hypnotherapy.
La Vita Psikoloji
Psychologists and psychotherapists works with adults, youth, children, couples and family.
Dr. Murat Artıran
Counselling centre in Turkey with REBT & CBT psychotherapy treatment to English speakers, clients of all ages, children, adolescents, adults. Affiliated centre of Albert Ellis Institute in Turkey.
Peter Edge
Experienced psychotherapist trained in the UK and now living in Istanbul. Available for online sessions of counselling.