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hi we are looking for driving lessons and will like to apply for driving license as well .. we need english instructor in istanbul .... need recommendations which companies are good in istanbul and reasonable !! thank you

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HI ... i just got my turkish citizenship few months back i wanted to know does car dealers provide car finance rather then banks in istanbul 2nd Tax Free Car ... is there a possibility if i can buy a car on foreign name  ( which will be mine )  as i already got my citizenship and not pay these high taxes of cars !!! 3rd i wanted to know how long process does it takes to get a local driving license in istanbul and whats the procedure !!  

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which one is better in istanbul? a diesel car or a petrol car? is there any difference in price between the two? thank you in advance guys.  

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Hello, I'm looking for info about the turkish motorbike licence in  istanbul. What the price for lesson ? How many time it take usually to have it ? any school name you should recommand ?Also I need english speaking instructor (or french).thanks a lot,Antonin

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Dear all, my wife is looking for a driving school with English speaking instructors to practice driving in Istanbul with a professional instructor before having a go on her own! Can anyone advise me?

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Hello! I am planning to come to Istanbul and to go by bike to Trabzon. Perhaps I can buy a 2nd hand bike in Istanbul and then sell it in Trabzon.  What I loose is the "rent".  But I am not able to read Turkish advertisements. I am Italian. Can anyone help me? Thank you

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Hi All, Can anyone tell me if the temporary insurance cover that is required to be purchased when crossing from south Cyprus into north Cyprus, is also valid on the Turkish mainland? Many thanks for any help. 

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Hello Guys, I am going to have a car tomorrow. It is Fiat Ducato. Can you suggest me a trusted expertise for my van? I live in Maslak, so it is better if the expertise can visit me in Maslak... Thanks a lot

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Hi People Can you suggest me a decent and countable auto repair? Winter is heavy in Istanbul nowadays and I want to change my car's tires to winter tires? What is the approximate cost? Thank you

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I am looking for good taxi/ cab services since I often need them for going airport and other places throughout Istanbul. (At least twice a week) Any one can suggest me a reliable one?  

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Can somone advise me on whether I should buy a car or not ? I will be moving to Istanbul in late summer for at least 2 years for work but am not sure if having a car is really necessary. Thanks for any advice.

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Are there any michelinn star restaurants in istanbul? Can you help me with this?

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Can anyone recommend me a reputable cab service company that I should call with confidence? I prefer, they speak English, even little bit ! Thanks in advance!

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My husband sold our car a few weeks ago for economic reasons, but have recently decided that  public transportation of Istanbul is not for us. :(We're looking to buy a reliable, clean but 2nd hand car from 2010 or later in Istanbul Could you help us pls? What should we do?

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bmw353i full option model 2011 white for more information khaledrabi3@hotmail.com

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Hello Angloinfo Istanbul, I want to buy a used car in the shortest time possible. Where can I buy the best and cheapest used cars in Istanbul?

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I was thinking about getting a 4-5 month car hire for our stay in Istanbul. Firstly, do people think this is worthwhile, secondly, any suggestions of companies offfering this service.

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