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Hi All, I need help. My best Turkish friend is getting married his Turkish girl friend. I want to buy them a wedding present. What should it be? To be frank, I am looking for something memorable, not very cheap and traditional. Any suggests? thanks a lot

started by: EllieGibbs · last update: 1431101895 · posted: 1431101895

Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

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I want to share my special experince guys. I had a really wonderful valentine's day in Hyatt Regency Hotel yesterday.  Meal, service, ambiance were great. I thank you to all people who made the day special. :) Next time definately the Hotel will be the place that I wanna celebrate my special occasions. Loves    

started by: Janet Chao · last update: 1349279287 · posted: 1349278024

  Hello, Where can I find party costumes in Istanbul?

started by: Ciara Martello · last update: 1347647943 · posted: 1347408775

when does film festivals start in Istanbul? where can i get more info? thanx

started by: Ciara Martello · last update: 1347026432 · posted: 1346704391

I have my friends coming to stay and they want to see some Turkish folk dance show...Where can I take them? Grazie

started by: evelyn-764066 · last update: 1346058608 · posted: 1345759762

Hello, Where can I watch outdoor movies across the city?

started by: Ginny Wong · last update: 1345680117 · posted: 1345641387

what do you need to open a bar in Istanbul? can you list down the requirements? thanks.

started by: Leila-764077 · last update: 1345305269 · posted: 1345216905

Could someone tell me what is the favorite travel destination in Bayrams for turkish people? Where do they go and visit mostly? Leila

started by: Ciara Martello · last update: 1345052940 · posted: 1343136346

Are there Ramadan fests during Holy Month in Istanbul? Where are they? Are they safe for nonmuslims? Is it safe to eat during the holy month for nonmuslims? Graziexxx

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Hi all, What are the nicest and of course safest places to go swimming in these hot days? Are there any safe beaches alongside the Bosphorus? Thnx Marcel

started by: Alex-764060 · last update: 1345041872 · posted: 1344883295

the last time I was in Istanbul, 1999, I watched a stunning performance in AKM This time, I could not find anyone who will answer me!!!! WHY THERE IS NO ONE IN AKM??? Is it possbile to buy online tickets for Ataturk Culture Center? Is it under construction? It seems it is abondaned cos its doors are always closed! Alex

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Has anyone been to see 'Dark Knight Rises' ? I have read some good reviews but I'm not sure if it's worth seeing.

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Have you watched the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games tonight? What's been your favourite moment so far?

started by: Ozlem Gurses · last update: 1342440903 · posted: 1342184927

Can you tell me the best thing you love to do in Istanbul?

started by: Ciara Martello · last update: 1340712473 · posted: 1340493089

Where can I find good turkish fasil in Beyoglu? My friends suggested me to have a fasil night. Do you have any place to suggest to me? Graziee

started by: g.jose · last update: 1340624760 · posted: 1339609662

I will be in Istanbul for the whole summer. I wish I could listen to Foo Fighters live but don't think they will give a concert here this year. What about your favourite band? Who would you like to hear singing in Istanbul this summer?

started by: giuliaist · last update: 1340624264 · posted: 1340496236

Hi everyone, next week I will visit Istanbul for two days. This is my first time :) I have been doing research about the city for some time and gathered that transportation takes most of the time. So how can I make the most of such a short stay? What are the must-sees for you? Thanks a lot Giulia

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Hey, where do you prefer to hang out in Istanbul when you want to chill out a bit?

started by: Ozlem Gurses · last update: 1339076367 · posted: 1338933500

Hey All, hows going on?? what do you think about this question--> What is the best gift/souvenir to take abroad ( to friends, to family) from Istanbul? Where to find them?

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