started by: Ibrahim-10066720 · last update: 1455717084 · posted: 1455717084

I am looking for a soft play centre to take my daughter to when it is raining at the weekends. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

started by: Mehmet M · last update: 1455204948 · posted: 1454770654

My British wife and I would like to put our 2 year old in a Montesdori crèche as of September. I'm looking for people who send their kids to Montessori establishments already. What do you think of the teaching methods?  

started by: Sandirs · last update: 1416097661 · posted: 1416097661

I am a Piano teacher. I work with kids aged 4 and older and try to contribute to their life through music. Our lessons can be in Turkish or English.   I organize a piano recital at the end of each year to share what we have learnt together. I can also prepare kids for London College of Music piano exams where they receive an internationally recognized certificate.   Hope to meet you!

started by: jellis4237 · last update: 1413294974 · posted: 1403692153

My daughter is planning to get married in Istanbul this mid-July - if anyone could offer any advice or assistance, it would be much appreciated! I am hoping to get some information on aspects such as translators, notaries (prices and whereabouts etc), wedding planners, or nice locations/ restaurants/ hotels...

started by: Melissa-880758 · last update: 1361942883 · posted: 1356291353

Could you help me about to find out an English speaking tutor for my kids who want to take piano lessons? We will pay in TL. We do not have a piano at home at the moment. additionally I prefer to have some extra information when/where to get a good piano, price range etc. Their ages are 10-16, they are boys. Thank you.  

started by: Adam Smith-764063 · last update: 1359140157 · posted: 1359140157

Good evening, I inviteted  my Turkish girl friend's family home for a meeting dinner I do not know their stance towards alcohol, I talked with my gf and she said it is ok to serve red wine during the meal. What should I do? 

started by: istlover · last update: 1357816895 · posted: 1357816895

Hi All, A recommendation for a roof top bar or lounge is highly appreciated. (Etiler or Taksim or Beyoglu) Good day!  

started by: Sally Inka · last update: 1356292599 · posted: 1356292599

Hi All, We are looking for a school for our child and think Keystone looks a bit of a distance away. Our current experience(with another school)this year is not good. Because not all the teaching staff is qualified teachers with strong teaching backgrounds? Help me  

started by: Melissa-880758 · last update: 1356291926 · posted: 1355241473

Dear Friends, Where can I find out about Xmas-Carol services in Istanbul? Any suggestions? Thanks

started by: istlover · last update: 1353937577 · posted: 1353511818

Can you suggest some good cafes/ restaurants around Suadiye? And do you know any party organizing business? I plan to organize a b'day party for my girl friend. Best 

started by: Adam Smith-764063 · last update: 1353068537 · posted: 1353068537

Hi, Can anyone suggest where to get furniture for baby's room? We went to Mothercare in Istanbul but we are not impressed. thank you

started by: maya! · last update: 1351598328 · posted: 1351123093

Hello I would like to know if anyone knows of any pre-natal classes here in Istanbul and in English? Thanks  

started by: maya! · last update: 1348235526 · posted: 1347584687

a friend of mine is looking for a ballet costume for her 5 year old. any idea where she can find a good one?

started by: Alex-764060 · last update: 1346893245 · posted: 1346704176

Looking to buy a kids space hopper. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thank you

started by: Ginny Wong · last update: 1345680677 · posted: 1345574693

Hi There, I will be in Istanbul by the end of the month with my 2 children. Do you have any hotel recommendations for a family stay? Thanks much!

started by: anjaR7 · last update: 1344890013 · posted: 1344797538

Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you that I just visited this great preschool/kindergarden/primary school in Dragos Istanbul on the Asian side. I was actually impressed for the first time. My daughter is about to be three and since she already knows English I wanted her to learn a different language. This school is amazing I can choose Spanish, German or English - all taught by real teachers from the country associated with the language they teach. Unlike many schools in Istanbul who employ "non-native" speakers. The school just seems ideal with their organic and free range meat, playscape rather than playground, curriculum based and copyright approved by the department of Education (US). This may seem trivial to some, but I am a bit sensitive when it comes to my daughters education - environment. I would definitely go check it out, the woman I spoke to was wonderful. Anja Arseven

started by: Leila-764077 · last update: 1341841674 · posted: 1341840260

Salam Allekum, I regret that I find this web page by chance. It seems to me that it is quite interesting not to heard of it before, because it really deserves everyone's attention and interest. Quite comprehensive. My question is, I will get married with a turkish guy in Istanbul. I dont have turkish; and it is a great burden me to colect information on net in english because most of the official web pages are not in English; and i messed up!!! What is the marriage process in Turkey? Only a religious wedding is possible? Leila

started by: Leila-764077 · last update: 1341841242 · posted: 1341840419

And one more thing, what are the details of having a baby in Turkey: who to contact etc. I would be happy if you reply me soon!!!!! Thank youu Leila

started by: evelyn-764066 · last update: 1340932694 · posted: 1340845687

Hi everyone, I'm planning a lovely weekend for my kids. What are the loveliest family attractions in Istanbul? Thnx, Evelyn

started by: nicole_br · last update: 1339371139 · posted: 1339272556

Hello! I'm looking for a Spanish language school for my 12-year-old son. Does anyone know of a good language school in Istanbul? Thanks!

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