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Salam Allekum, I regret that I find this web page by chance. It seems to me that it is quite interesting not to heard of it before, because it really deserves everyone's attention and interest. Quite comprehensive. My question is, I will get married with a turkish guy in Istanbul. I dont have turkish; and it is a great burden me to colect information on net in english because most of the official web pages are not in English; and i messed up!!! What is the marriage process in Turkey? Only a religious wedding is possible? Leila


Ozlem Gurses 1341841674

Leila, hi again.

As because AngloInfo Istanbul is a new webpage, (it has not been more than a year since it has established), we promise you that you will hear more about us onwards :)

Here is the information link that you are looking for.

An other hand, to be quick and save time, I suggest you to search the information you are looking for using our search buttons located in the wepb page. It can save you time.

Anytime, feel free to ask your questions about Istanbul, living in Istanbul etc.

I would love to help you

good luck, best!


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