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Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you that I just visited this great preschool/kindergarden/primary school in Dragos Istanbul on the Asian side. I was actually impressed for the first time. My daughter is about to be three and since she already knows English I wanted her to learn a different language. This school is amazing I can choose Spanish, German or English - all taught by real teachers from the country associated with the language they teach. Unlike many schools in Istanbul who employ "non-native" speakers. The school just seems ideal with their organic and free range meat, playscape rather than playground, curriculum based and copyright approved by the department of Education (US). This may seem trivial to some, but I am a bit sensitive when it comes to my daughters education - environment. I would definitely go check it out, the woman I spoke to was wonderful. Anja Arseven


Ozlem Gurses 1344883020

Thank you for sharing! It was nice to learn that there are interntional schools in Istanbul that please some expat parents ! :)

Please feel free to announce it on AngloINFO Istanbul's Facebook Page. They have more than 560 members and this feedback is quite intertesting and worths sharing!!

Have a nice day!


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I think that it is important to not only share bad experience but good ones too. : )

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