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Can anyone tell me what documents I need to open a bank account here please? And can you recommend a high street bank with English speaking advisors please?

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Our Firm provides legal services to its' both foreign and national clients during the incorporation of their legal entities (joint stock companies, limited liability companies, liaision offices and Branches of their entities in their country of origin) as well as for the entire term of their operations in Turkey. We also have an experienced team of lawyers having extensive knowledge of: Mergers & Acquisitions Corporate Law & Contracts Banking & Finance Bankruptcy & Restructuring Sports Law Real Estate Law Energy Law Employment and Labor Law Family & Inheritance Law Mediation & Dispute Resolution Please feel free to contact me in case you need any legal assistance in Turkey.   www.erdallaw.com feyza@erdallaw.com (+90) 212 217 50 34

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What are the requirements for becoming a resident.  How much money do you gave to show you earn to qualify that you are able to take care of yourself.  I would be looking for a one bedroom apartment.  Not necessarily luxurious, but nice.  Could be furnished, prefer not.  I will be in istanbul at the rnd if March for two weeks.  Will return later, but would like to get as much info as possible from those who have gone through the process.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you  

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How much should I pay for the rubbish removers and the concierge ? Would you share with me the going rate please? I do not want to charge less because they are working hard and doing their best.Thanks

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Finally, I have applied for my resident permit in Turkey. And I am, at the moment, awaiting my appointment. I know that I have to prove my financial status. the problem is I am  not sure as to whether it would be needed to show the funds in my British bank or in my Turkish bank ? Which is required? Additionally, how much did you pay as a British citizen? Many thanks.

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I am moving to Istanbul, Turkey and I am wondering where to open a bank account. My main requirements are: * account in Pound and TL; * internet banking in english; * service with english staff, * A debit and credit card * Reliable It would be very helpful to get you recomendations. thank you in advance AS

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Opps I have another question guys,: Is it possible toy get a mortgage in Turkey with Garanti, Akbank or Isbankasi as an EU Citizen? What criteria do they ask to fullfil? Are foreign people, working in Turkey,eligible to get a mortgage? Thanks guys,

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Hi, Iam in need of knowing about the procedures te send some money from here to Canada by western union, thank you indeed

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Where can i find an arabic speaking lawyer and accountant in istanbul?

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Can you help me about online/hard copy newspapers and property websites include home/rent adversitements? thank you all. Leila

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I do not have a Turkish bank account, but now need one!! Can I open it from my home country before coming to Turkey? I need internet banking. Are there HSBC branches in Istanbul? Alex

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Do you know which internatinal banks have branches in Istanbul ? Do you ever need to use ATM in English? How do you find it?

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