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hi all, we are in Istanbul for a week. We want to know what local food specialities we really have to try. We'd appreciate your feedback. Also, where is best to go eat them!

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can anyone recommend an organic supermarket please? I don't care where in the city it is, I am willing to travel!

started by: Sophie Galata · last update: 1454770438 · posted: 1454770438

does anyone know where I can buy English foods (marmite, cadbury's and the like) in Istanbul please?

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Guys, I love ottoman cuisine and want to learn how to cook some of the special dishes such as manti, imam bayildi, soups, desserts etc I do not want to get a professional course for it. They ask lots of money and I am not really eager to pay a cent to them. What I am looking for is a Turkish lady who will show me how to cook 2-3 of above mentioned dishes along with a friendly chat. I live in Arnavutkoy, and my weekends can be set up only for this. Thank you in advance.

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I want to buy a book about turkish kitchen/culinary culture. Which book would you reccommend me to buy? thanks  

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Hi, I ve recently moved to Istanbul from Norwich. I am surfing on internet and just bumped into your page. Where is the best place to buy Norvegian quality frozen boneless tuna fish in Nisantasi? Thanks much in advance!

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Can anyboday help about where to have dinner in Kadikoy? Some sources say there are very tasty fish restaurants.  What about prices? Pls share your experiences and suggestion with me. thnx

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Any good Russion food restaurant somebody can recommend, not too expensive, but with authentic stuff?

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Where is your favourite place to go for tea? Got friends over this weekend and planning some surprises for there stay.

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Where can I find a Lebanese restaurant in Istanbul? thank you

started by: Ciara Martello · last update: 1346152946 · posted: 1345813515

Hi ALL, where can i have the best italian ice cream in Istanbul? Help meee please ! Graize

started by: tiredfeet · last update: 1345762659 · posted: 1345050944

what is everyones favourite turkish dish?

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Do you know a shop where can I get brandnew or second hand rock music instruments? thanks!

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I was wondering if anybody has any idea where in Istanbul I could find Maldon sea salt, duck and duck fat. I live in Üsküdar. Somewher close would be nice but I don't mind traveling to find these products.

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First of all let me express my gratitude to Angloinfo Istanbul for creating such a comprehensive and informative website. You are of great help to expats living in Istanbul ! I have a question and your answers are all welcome forumers :) I'm giving my Norwegian friends a dinner party this weekend. I want to cook Turkish food by myself. What are the essentials for such a menu, what would you cook if you were me? Thnx, Disa

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