Sea salt, duck and duck fat

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I was wondering if anybody has any idea where in Istanbul I could find Maldon sea salt, duck and duck fat. I live in Üsküdar. Somewher close would be nice but I don't mind traveling to find these products.


Ozlem Gurses 1344882777


I have not heard of these products before. It was nice to learn about them

Check the websites (in Turkish) below. I may not supply a spesific place, because they are quite rare foods in Istanbul!

Maldon Sea Salt

Duck & Duck Fat

Hope this helps!

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LSH, may i ask why do you prefer Maldon brand name and its product ? What is the difference from salts of other brands?

And, duck fat? I havenot taste it before. How does it taste? Lighter than chicken? Healthier?


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Thanks Özlem. I've found the salt. You can find it at macrocenter. There are a few around Istanbul. It's not cheap though 23 lira for 250g. If anyone knows somewhere else to get it cheaper that would be great.
The duck on the website you posted is from France and that's fine, though again expensive. Don't we have any local duck farms in Turkey to purchase these products. I've eaten duck in restaurants so it's available. Someone must know. Might have to go back and talk to the chef.

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Thanks for the reply Leila.
I prefer Maldon sea salt because it is a superior salt than regular table salt. The shape of the individual grains are a bit like snow flakes and as such are not uniform in shape. This gives a completely different mouth feel than grains that are all the same size. It also has a bite to it, a crunch so to speak that adds a textural element to a dish. I only ever use it at the table. It would be a waste to use it in a soup or a wet dish. It would just melt through the dish and lose its uniqueness. After all it is only 97-99% NaCl like the rest of the salts available. The other couple of percent is made up of minerals unique to a region. It's is also not as processed or refined as the other mass produced salts.

Duck fat is used as a cooking medium much the same way as we use butter or vegetable oils. It has a beautiful flavour. Try roasting potatoes in duck fat. The main use for it is for confit. Slow cooking duck legs or other tough cuts of meat, submerged in duck or goose fat at low temperatures for a few hours. Absolutely fantastic.

As for the health benefits. Well it depends on your point of view. It is a saturated fat so it's high in cholesterol. But cholesterol is not the cause of our health problems. Your body needs cholesterol to function. These other new oils that are the market I'm not sure our body is meant to consume these. Watch the documentary fat head. Very interesting.


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Quiet interesting thread!! I havent heard of these products-brands either :)

lsh, thanks for very informative posts!!!


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