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First of all let me express my gratitude to Angloinfo Istanbul for creating such a comprehensive and informative website. You are of great help to expats living in Istanbul ! I have a question and your answers are all welcome forumers :) I'm giving my Norwegian friends a dinner party this weekend. I want to cook Turkish food by myself. What are the essentials for such a menu, what would you cook if you were me? Thnx, Disa


Ozlem Gurses 1342875274

Hi Disa,

Thank you for your nice and valuable feedback :)

I think essentials would be soup, salad, turkish meze (kind of spanish tapas), a meal with meat and desserts.

But because your friends are Norwegian, putting the fish in a main course would be nice.

If I were you, I would cook stuffed fish, mezes of fried aubergine, tomatoes, green pepper with yogurt, patatoes salad and chocolate cup.

Bon appetite! :)

disa 1343068022

Thank you so much Ozlem, I took what you said into consideration and my friends loved the dinner !

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