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Merhaba everyone! I´m writing to ask to any kind person around, information about the cinema and film industry in Turkey. I would really appreciate your time and effort for any information you may provide me with. As I´m not quite sure to whom I should  approach I have dare to add a post here.  I´m an English teacher and a visual artist moving to Turkey in September. I´m moving there with my husband, who is a professional film projectionist and a film maker. br /> How many cinemas are in there?  Are there many alternative cinemas ? Are there many film productions? br /> May you know any jobsearch site? br /> As I´m very interested in culture and art I´m also very interested in visiting this places to enjoy the multicultural side of Turkey. br /> I would very pleased with any response, which I would find very kind. br /> Thanks so much again for your time,  Looking forward a positive answer, MCarpedieta br />


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My father is film producer. If you can send me your husbands CV, I can send to him.


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Dear begovicc,

We have felt very pleased to read your message.  

Could you please give us your mail or any contact detail to send you the cv? 

Have a great day, and really appreciated your reponse!!


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My mail address is Hope i can be helpful.


Have a good day,



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