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On this website under: Information, Healthcare, Pregnancy and Birth, Registering the Birth it states: "Citizenship Every child born in Turkey, regardless of the parents' nationality, has the right to acquire Turkish citizenship." Meanwhile on: under: Turk Vatandasliginin Kazanilmasi It states: "Do?um yeri Türkiye'de do?an ve yabanc? ana ve babas?ndan dolay? do?umla herhangi bir ülkenin vatanda?l???n? kazanamayan çocuk, do?umdan itibaren Türk vatanda??d?r.  Türkiye'de bulunmu? çocuk aksi sabit olmad?kça Türkiye'de do?mu? say?l?r." *My question is, since my Turkish is not perfect, are these statements the same? Or, is the Turkish one saying that the child gets citizenship only if it cannot acquire either of the parent's citizenships, so that would make the child stateless, in which case the child would have to become Turkish? I think someone would have to be really good at Turkish grammar to know this answer and that's not me yet.      


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I just noticed when I reread that, the Turkish part which I copy and pasted is illegible because my keyboard does not have Turkish lettering. So, here is the link to read the actual Turkish writing:

(It is the part near the top that is titled "Dogum Yeri")



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