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If so, and you're a woman (sorry men!), please email gillianj_harvey@yahoo.co.uk for interview opportunity (for national newspaper - fee available).

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Hello, I am a Brazilian video-artist who came to Istanbul to realize the second part of my long term project: The Narrative of Inadequacy. I am recruiting English speakers here in Istanbul to conduct brief interviews for this project. All it would involve is for you to come to my studio near Moda for half an hour, on a given date, and tell your story. What story you may ask? I am looking for stories of moments of inadequacy in a sexual context. Why? Because I think we have inadevertently bought into the myth that things are supposed to run far too smoothly, creating a distorted picture which leaves us feeling alienated and alone when they don’t. My idea is to create a semi-anonymous tapestry of accounts of such episodes to create a collective body of stories where notions of what we take away from “bad” experiences emerge as valuable. These accounts are to be made facing away from the camera, so that all we see will be your neck and shoulders. So you don’t need to worry about being too exposed. The Narrative of Inadequacy is a think piece about memory, storytelling and being naked and vulnerable. You can see the New York installment and read more about this project here: http://www.celesteprize.com/artwork/ido:118236/ Please email me at skaren72@gmail if you are interested in contributing. Best Regards, Karen

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Hello Istanbul Anglophiles I am a British photographer just moved to Istanbul from Damascus and just wanted to say hello. You can find some examples of my work on the links below; http://wreford.photoshelter.com/gallery/Istanbul-Portfolio/G000054QlzukCFZ4/ www.johnwreford.com Feel free to drop me a line for whatever reason Tel 0090 507 137 3866 John

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I am considering relocating to Istanbul from Budapest, Hungary. I would like informaiton on which neighborhoods in the city are deemed good areas for expats. I would like to stay as close as possible to the Old Town, Grand Bazaar, areas. Also, are there reliable rental agents, or media where I can find rentals offered by locals, expats, etc? Any helo would be appreciated in my first step toward accomplishing my move. Thansk for your help.

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Good Afternoon, I am looking for an experinced edium sized PR agency in Istanbul which has an  expertise on vehicle branding. I am aware that most of the PR agencies charge lots of money for brandings, that's why I want to take your suggestions about it. I do not have that much budget to allocate actually. which ones do you offer (if you do not have any direct, 1-1 experience, contact with the agency, do not reply my message pls) Thanks

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Hi everyone im new to this site i moved to istanbul last march and have no irish friends here i find it abit lonely at times ive two small kids im married to a turkish man just want to get to no istanbul better find out about good schools for my kids abd hobbies i could get the kids into where could i meet some irish people also need to pick up on my turkish a bit i would be very greatful for some advice

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Hi People, Do you know office rent firms for Istanbul? We are looking for an office place in financial district (maslak, levent, esentepe etc) I need you help. Could you offer me a one-two companies? Thanks a lot

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Hi People, will there be masses and celebrations for Christmas in churches in town in 2012? thnks

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Hi People here, Is there any x-mas bazaar or x-mas fairs season in Istanbul? Any kind of information is appreciated Sally  

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Hi people, My friend will be relocating back to Canada from Istanbul early next year. I do not have a clue as to where to start or how to organize this container business! Anyone know any good companies? Thanks

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Has anyone know how to find non-chlorine & natural ingredient disposable diapers in Istanbul?  In which store did you find them? Thank you.

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Hi All, I wonder if you can help me about importing a TV from the US. However I am in need of a new TV and either we buy from Turkey at expensive prices or  bring something back on my next trip. Any suggestions?

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I am in need of - an MBA (executive part time in possible) in Istanbul  in Englsih  -an undergraduate studies for my friend in business, in English too if at all possible any suggestions? Thanks

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Is there anywhere in Istanbul with a good selection of teas? . Thanks

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I have about 50 cartons of books, notebooks, clothes to ship to York, UK.  Does anyone know a cheap way to ship these kinds of stuff to UK? All my best,

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Hi All How can I get to Turkazoo by public transportation? Which is the fastest way? I am first timer in Istanbul, need to learn the tricks of this beautiful but chaotic city asap Best

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I am looking for a spa treatment centre in Istanbul or near Istanbul to spend a few days relaxing. Any ideas?

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A good shopping guide to Istanbul? I always end up in the same places and I want to broaden my horizons with your help hopefully :)

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Hi guys, I hate stuck in the traffic during football match times. It happened couple of times in the last months I know there is a way to learn when-where these matches will be played in Istanbul. Could you guide me to find out a complete list of matches of the season that will be played in stadiums of Istanbul? Thanks.

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hello, can anyone give me any advice as to how to improve my turkish as quickly as possible?

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