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Hello,   today is the eve of feast, i would love to buy some turkish delights to offer my muslim friends. Where is the best place to buy best delights in Istanbul? What is the favourite flavour here? 

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Please help if you can. I  am British,  and so is my girl friend. She is here in Istanbul and holding a student visa which expired on Oct 17th. Thinking that her visa was good for a year, she expected to renew it this month. She pulled it out yesterday and discovered that in fact it expired on Oct 7th. So? What do you think. Can she renew her residency and change her status from student to stndard one, even though the student visa has expired? Help me pls.  

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Is there an Englih speaking notary in Istanbul that you know of? Thanks

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can someone tell me what to do I lost my credeit cards yesterday. They were issued by an american bank that does not have any branch in Turkey. since, there is no branch here and I need them as soon as possbile, Is it possible to have a credit card from turkish banks? what are the procedures? Help! Thanks  

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Hi all, How do I go about finding and registering with a local doctor? Thanks a lot!

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In addition, what do you recommend to me? -Subscribing to Avea, Vodafone or Turkcell (As far as I heard, turkcell is the most expensive one of all) or -obtaining prepaid cards   any suggests???? Thanks

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what should I do to obtain prepaid line subscription in Turkey? I am confused. What I need? thnks.

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I need second hand (not too worn-out) turkish coffee maker (equipment). Where can I have it? Send me private messega if you like to give away your old one! thanks

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Hi,I need to buy about 10 items of kitchen appliances from brands like bosch, siemens, miele...Would somebody recommend a place to buy these online where the dealer would be able to assist with delivery to a ship broker? Im a near Kemerburgaz! Thanks a lot!

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Does anyone help me where to get cheap adaptors for UK plugs? I have a bunch of appliances (computers, phone chargers, etc), but they have the UK plugs on them (two prong and three prong). thanks.

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Does anyone know a nice tattoo shop in Istanbul?

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What should a foreign person, who has been living since August, should do this weekend in Istanbul? Ang suggests?

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Help me about a very good Irish Pub in Istanbul? Where can drink a pint of guiness in istanbul :) Thnx

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Can anyone recommend me a good and cheap computer repair shop? Thanks

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Hello guys! My name is Katerina and I am from Greece but I have been studying and working in the UK for the last 4-5 years. I am moving to Istanbul eith work and I am massively excited! I love turkish people and culture and I believe I will adjust very quickly...I was wondering if any of you are Greeks? I would love to meet with any Greeks esiding in Istanbul to hear from them how life is in the City! I would love to meet with anyone from any nationality who just moved there and looks for new friends and contacts! Many Thanks Katerina

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We are contemplating a move to Istanbul and wondered if anyone has any advice on where are suitable areas to live.... We are late 30's couple with no children so schools are not an issue. We currently live in mid levels and enjoy being able to walk to down town for dinner / drinks. Pool facilities would be good but am happy to join a gym away from home. We would like to spend some time outside and love golf. My husband works at Beylikduzu so he needs to be able to get to work easily.  Any suggestions ????

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Hello, Can you recommend any networking associations in Istanbul?

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Hello, I am a professional ICT engineer with 2 years experience. I am interested in getting a job in Istanbul since my girlfriend lives there as well. I was wondering how easy is to find an english speaking job in ICT sector. Any advice about job sites or companies related to my field would be welcome. Thank you . Fotis

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what is the worst habit of taxi drivers in istanbul? wanna comment? I sometimes feel tired when driving in a taxi! this is my nightmare!

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Hi I would like to arrange a wedding photographer for our wedding Can any1 suggest me a proffesional photo house? Thnx

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