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Hi, we're going to be living in Istanbul for the next year, and as my kids are at a very critical time in their education I'm worried about the schooling system in Turkey. Are there good international schools in Istanbul? What are the local schools in Turkey like? Any advice appreciated!

started by: free soul chang · last update: 1347637384 · posted: 1347637384

Can you suggest me a good thai restaurants in istanbul? Are they cheap or expensive?    

started by: John Humpherys · last update: 1347407972 · posted: 1347295804

Can you help me about how to find local home made food restaurants in kadikoy? thnx

started by: Leila-764077 · last update: 1347145055 · posted: 1347027304

i am an eager collector of old stamps of countries! I have collected more than 35 countries' stamps already! where can i find old istanbul stamps? thnx

started by: Ozlem Gurses · last update: 1347140296 · posted: 1346777551

If you were allowed to visit only one place/monument in Istanbul, where/what would it be?

started by: Hassan A. · last update: 1347026601 · posted: 1346704959

I am looking for a house keeper one or two times a week. Mondays and Thursdays are preferable. She should not come before 09:00 in the morning. cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing are expected! I live alone and my flat is 2+1 near Atasehir. Please contact me if interested!

started by: Leila-764077 · last update: 1346777750 · posted: 1346698491

where can I find an international telephone card? Can you help me? I need ASAP!!!!! Thank you

started by: bambi-764146 · last update: 1346405161 · posted: 1346142680

Does anyone know where I can buy a good street map for Istanbul...kind of like a London A-Z style would be cool.

started by: Mari-764177 · last update: 1346370024 · posted: 1346148900

I am a Norwegian girl about to move to Istanbul during September. I lived in Turkey with my family for 4 months last year, but that was in Alanya, which is very far from Istanbul and quite different. I speak the language well, know all about the prices on food and other expenses. Nonetheless, things could be different in Istanbul. I am just going to live there for 3 months. Any tips on things to see, anything more expensive than usually, anything I should consider before moving there? Thank you.

started by: Ciara Martello · last update: 1346279799 · posted: 1346100995

can you tell me where can I get a decent photo machine in Istanbul? I am not looking for proffesional one.

started by: Alex-764060 · last update: 1346229177 · posted: 1345813427

what is the best authentic gift from istanbul? can you help me select a gift for my girl friend

started by: Rosamond.L · last update: 1345762757 · posted: 1345540746

Can anyone tell me the average cost per month to rent a furnished 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment please on a 6 month contract?

started by: Ciara Martello · last update: 1345752850 · posted: 1345568064

I will be leaving Istanbul in September and am looking to tailor-make a good suit for around 100 Euro. Does anyone have any good recommendations? I have heard the fame of Turkish tailors and their hand-made products! :) I am not interested in dodgy tailors that claim to make suits within 24 hours. Graziee

started by: Rosamond.L · last update: 1345678461 · posted: 1345050525

we are coming to istanbul for a holiday - what are your favourite, not to miss, attractions? Are there any things we shouldn't bother with?

started by: Matt Spice · last update: 1345567350 · posted: 1345374977

We're looking for an English-speaking nanny in Istanbul starting in Sep 2012. She'll be helping me with caring for our 2-3 yr old boys for aprox 30-40 hours a week.Many thanks in advance

started by: Alex-764060 · last update: 1345557307 · posted: 1345374406

I have not been to any muslim country in Eid! It is a strange feeling to be in Istanbul. Starting from the morning, people have started to shake hands and exchange best wishes! This is unity! Love to be here indeed!!!! Alex.

started by: Alex-764060 · last update: 1345557196 · posted: 1345374691

where can I get cheap flights between Istanbul and Ankara? THY is tooo expensive. Alex

started by: Matt Spice · last update: 1345540995 · posted: 1345136832

I landed to Istanbul yesterday! I am with 2 kids, and one is, really having crapms, and having trouble with his stomach. What are the Turkish ?emergency numbers.ASAP PLS!!!!!

started by: Ozlem Gurses · last update: 1345375212 · posted: 1345375212

Eid Mubarak to ALL People Around the World! What's your plans about Istanbul today? Where do want to go? Any speacial activity? Share your comments please! Best Ozlem

started by: Hassan A. · last update: 1345308788 · posted: 1345307766

I need to rent an office in Istanbul, including cleaning service and a good internet connection. who can help me, please let me know ? Hassan

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