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I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for which hamam to go in Istanbul.

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I'm looking for an interior designer. Any recommendations?

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What Should a Vegetarian Eat in Istanbul? grazie xx

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Any shops to suggest for leather and jewelly in Kapali Carsi? I heard that it is expensive for tourists and open to strong bargain! What do you think? any comments? grazie xx2

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We are looking for a relative who went to live in Turkey over 10 years ago, She is now in her late 60's. We have reason to believe that she may be homeless, and wondered if there are any charities in Istanbul that look out for homeless people that may have seen her and who we might contact, I know it's a long shot, but any information would be greatly appreciated. We have contacted the police but so far there are no leads.

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Hello Angloinfo Istanbul, I'm a German citizen and wanna know the conditions to start my BA at a university in Istanbul. Your help will be greatly appreciated !

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Hey all, I'm looking for a reliable dry cleaner in Istanbul. Can anyone recommend me one? Nicole

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Just bought a flat in Istanbul and tried to register the utilities in my name.After hours of queues I was told that I need to apply to the emniyet for some kind of residency which takes around 3 months.I do not want to be a resident as the flat is an investment. No plans to live here or in Turkey.Does anyone know if by doing this, there are any implcations ie tax or otherwise. Or is this a straightfoward thing to do

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Hi, Are there shops specifically designed for green shopping in Istanbul?

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Hi, Where can I find vintage clothing and retro accessories in Istanbul? Thanks

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What is the cost of living in Istanbul? -Rent/Accomodation -Food -Shopping Grazie xxx

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Next week I will start to take salsa lessons and try to move a bit:) I am looking for dancing shoes, where can I buy?

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Hi everyone, what is your favourite aspect of Turkish culture that you have happened to know during your time in Istanbul?

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If you had the opportunity, what would you like to improve in Istanbul?

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Happy mothers day to you all...

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