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My husband is looking for a great barber in _Esenyurt. Any suggestions? _

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In addition to my previous post, which sunscreen products do you recommend? Which brands? Some of my collegues suggest me "organicum"s products which organic (I am not sure)? Have you ever heard of that brand? Thanks  

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Hello Guys, Which honey products do you consume? Where can I get more information about apitherapy (curing diseases with bee products) there was a medical therapy center where I lived. Do you know any apitherapy center in Istanbul? thank you Thank you

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Guys, I want to buy or rent a modern exercise treadmill. Must be at least 51cm wide. I can afford at most 350 Euro. My number 0677244031 Thank you.

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Please help me, people. I am looking for a good, private rehabilitation center close to Etiler or Levent or Mecidiyekoy. I hurt my back 2 days ago. I hardly breathe. I do not mind the cost. ASAP. Thanks

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I'm new to Istanbul. just 2 weeks. Can someone recommend an English speaking dentist with reasonable fee? Thanks a lot!  

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I always check the directory here, but need to ask. Am Looking for good, gentle dentist in Istanbul for me and my kids.Any/all suggestions welcome

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Hi, I need a personal trainer in Istanbul. some people suggest me to visit a private one because I had a spinal cord surgery months ago and doctors suggets me to do some light physical activities. Can someone suggest me couples of names/address? (referanced pls!!!!)

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Does anyone know where I can buy Benefit Cosmetics here? If not in a bricks and mortar store then maybe an online store?

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What is the average price for a bottle of sunscreen in Istanbul? Wondering whether I should stock up in UK before I come over...

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I am thinking of having natural hair extensions as my hair is so brittle!! Any ideas about where to have it! I have heard that hairdresser's are not as pricey as in the europe! Graizee

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Can someone inform me about Istanbul Bosphorus Cruises? Thank you, JH

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Hi all, I need to find an English speaking and highly recommendable hairdresser. Can you help me on that? Thnaks a lot

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