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If you are looking for a complete and satisfying experience, you should try Magicien Pour Mariage in Paris. You can find just about anything you need for your wedding in their shop.

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Can anyone recommend a few fruit trees or bushes suited to this climate that I could try growing in our little garden. I don't have green fingers so nothing too high maintenance thanks!

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Hello! I am interested in finding a sotre selling fashionable home furnishings and decorations similar to Habitat. Does anyone have any recommendations please?

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I have a gas cooker Made in Turkey and I am trying to find an address for the manufacturers. I've had no success looking online and was wondering if anyone here can help me locate them? It is made for the French Market and the name on the cooker is Coldis. The model is COCG 5055F.  Thank you.

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Good morning everyone, I*m looking for an apartment to rent on the Asian side, preferably in Kad?köy close to the pier but open to other locations, especially along the metro line that goes up to Kartal. Here are the specificatioins: 2+1, between 85 and 120 m2, preferably no basement or ground floors (great need of light!) Maximum rent 900 Tl. If anyone has tips, that would be great - or the name of a reputable real estate agent I would be grateful.   Thanks to all. Regards, Belinda Palmer

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Hi People, Do you recommend me a real estate agency that I can trust? I am looking for a villa in Cehmekoy. Please feel free to send me an email alex@yahoo.com Loves  

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Can someone recommend a hairdresser that speaks excellent English?  I need a hairdresser and a beauty therapist and also a tanning salon. Can anyone recommend places? Thank you.

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Hi, I have a rent flat in Sishane, because the apartment is very old I decided to do some repairs and revisions in my flat. My employee will pay the bill :) So, I am searching for a reliable professional installer that totally can refurbish my bathroom/kitchen. It is better if he can speak little bit of English as well, my turkish is not enough to communicate over repair issues! :( Grateful for any suggesttions Thanks & regards

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Guys, Can you suggest me shops that sell unique pieces of antiquity such as vases, glassware, wooden chairs etc? I live close to Uskudar. I plan to get a taxi. So piece of advice is appreciated. thanks

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to buy KH7 or a similar product here?

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Need the heel of my shoe fixing, can anyone someone capable of doing this?

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I'm having difficulty finding a secure burglar alarm system for home. Can anyone help me? Thank you all Disa

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Does AngloINfo Istanbul has any facebook or twitter accounts?

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HI, We are moving to a new flat and would like to sell our 4 year used furniture a.s.a.p. If you are interested, please send an email.

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