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I have recently discovered this breed of dog and have fallen in love. Does anyone out there have one? I'd like to know if they are good with kids generally speaking.

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there are just so many stray cats here in Istanbul I wanted to know if there are any associations that sterilize them or if the city hall has a sterilization policy. I bet Fiv is rife too... thanks for your input.

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I'm interested in adopting pet birds of any kind or type. I can guarantee your beloved bird warm and caring love

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Hello, has anyone adopted a dog from one of the shelters? We are on the Asian side an heard about one in Pendik. Just wondering what to expect. Also, what breed would you suggest for an apartment with a small garden? Thanks!

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I currently live in Malaga Spain.  Where do I apply to get my application forms enabling me to come with Turkish Airlines to Istanbul from Madrid? Any useful tips or information please. Many thanks.   

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Guys hello Most of my friends are reporting a lost cats, kitten or dogs. Where should I contact to make them have homes? Do you know any shelters near Maltepe? Thanx

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I am looking for a dog food supplier.  We buy Fromm Family food in Canada, but there are no dealers here in Istanbul.  I saw Orijen dog food, but it's not Human grade. Any suggestions?

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My husband wants to buy either an allergy friendly dog. Does anyone know of any breeder in this category in Istnbul, Turkey ? I would prefer a dog with pedigree. It is important thanks a alot 

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Hi, My name is Susan and I have just joined the forum and will be moving to Turkey early 2013. Can anyone please tell me if I require to have a Titre test done on my dog to import it into Turkey. I have looked at several sites and some say yes and some say no.   This is copied from the Pet Immigration Rules Turkey. Turkey requires that your pet must be vaccinated within a year of entry to Turkey. A minimum of 30 days after your pet is vaccinated, a Blood Titer Test must be administered by your veterinarian. Three months after the test is given, your pet is permitted to enter Turkey assuming negative results    

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Online shopping for feeds and needs for dogs and cats. Open Monday to Saturday 9:30-20:00 at Nispetye Cad. Toren Sok. No:16, Levent, Besiktas, Istanbul. For your orders: 02122845066

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Hello, Is there a pet hotel in Istanbul where we can leave our puppy for four days while we are away? But I must be sure that she is well taken care of and kept safe and secure.

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Hi everyone! I will visit istanbul for summer holiday. I am italian. I have two big cats. One 9 months, one 3 years old Is it possible to bring pets? Is there any prohibitions etc? Can you help me? Grazie xxx

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