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Hello, has anyone adopted a dog from one of the shelters? We are on the Asian side an heard about one in Pendik. Just wondering what to expect. Also, what breed would you suggest for an apartment with a small garden? Thanks!

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Hi Darlene, 

There are a few shelters in Istanbul - Asian side, before summing them up let me first answer your other questions. You will find breed dogs as well as street dogs in the shelters. Unfortunalty there are still a lot of people who buy a puppy and throw them out on the street or leaving them at the shelter when they realise it's a big responsibility.  First you have to concider if you want a puppy or an adult dog and then the question is if you want a pure breed or any dog who you fall in love with at first sight.  With a small garden you have a wide variaty. I have a Golden Retriever and it's the perfect dog for an apartment. You can find a lot of Golden Retrievers at the shelter. If this is your first dog, please bare in mind that puppies are a full time job, they will chew at furniture and do their business everywhere..  You can also find well trained dogs at the shelter. They will not charge you for adopting, however some shelters ask for one or two packs of dog food for the other dogs at the shelter. You can buy a 15 kilo bay at the supermarket for +/- 50 TL.

The shelters at the asian side are:

1.) Beykoz (Mahmut ?evket Pa?a Köyü yolu üzeri, 10 km, Beykoz),

2.) Atasehir: ?enol Güne? Bulvar? Yanyol Giri?i No:1, Ata?ehir, 0216 415 67 61

3.) Tuzla : Kat? At?k Merkezi yan?, Ayd?nl?kköy, Tuzla, 0216 393 00 10

4.) Umraniye: Hekimba?? Mevkii, Küçüksu Yolu, Ümraniye, 0216 630 20 01



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We have lived in Turkey in the Antalya region for 12 years. During that time we have adopted  16 dogs from shelters or directly from the streets. We currently have 10 dogs, but are lucky enough to have a 5000 sq metre garden and live in a rural area with very tolerant neighbours. 

If you live in an apartment with a small garden you need a small dog. A retriever is not suitable. They need a lot of space and a lot of daily exercise.. Many apartment residents  object to dogs in buildings, so check with your neighbours first. We know of many people who have adopted shelter dogs and have subseuently been forced to return the. Dog To the shelter because the neighbours complained. This is a tragedy for the dog and the adoptive owner..

i would recommend adopting 2 small dogs as with 2, they will entertain each other, can be left alone for longer periods and because they play together they get twice as much exercise. 

we have never had a bad dog but many do have problems. They may have been  abused, starved or abandoned. You need patience and long term commitment to convince the animal that you will not let it down.  Some of our most rewarding dogs have been the elderly ones, abandoned when an owner dies or can no longer care for them. They are quiet, loving, don't need as much exercise and usually  Well behaved.  However we have also taken on puppies from just a few weeks old and although the work load is high, the rewards are equally high.

adopting unwanted dogs has given us more pleasure and happiness than we could ever have imagined but it is a big committment and you must be prepared for that. If you I eave Turkey in the future, can you take the dog with you. If you can't, don't take a dog out of a shelter and give it a forever home only to abandon it once again when you have to leave. 

Really, it's not about what you want but about what you can do for the dog. In return you will get more love and loyalty than you could possibly imagine.

i am happy to answer any specific questions if you e mail me.

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