started by: mehmet · last update: 1572854423 · posted: 1458726590

I would like to join an amateur football club. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

started by: Melissa-880758 · last update: 1466329435 · posted: 1359136272

Friends, Do you know any advanced photography courses in European Side of Istanbul. Price is not a big issue but I prefer it in French or English. Thanks a lot

started by: Ibrahim-10066720 · last update: 1455973282 · posted: 1455973282

i am looking for a jogging group to join. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

started by: Topkapi · last update: 1455812895 · posted: 1454956046

hi all, we are looking for weekend get away ideas just me and my partner. What is your ideal getaway from Istanbul, no more than 2 hours by car please.

started by: hgirgin61 · last update: 1424413837 · posted: 1415956175

As a certifcated hiker ,I guide a walk/ hiking activity( fan, photo, etc ) in different paths( like canyon, forest meadow, mountain) of Yuvacik/Kartepe/Karamürsel areas of Samanli mountains in Kocaeli . Just let me know where you want to walk !

started by: CATSANDUS · last update: 1385915333 · posted: 1385915333

Hi, we are Brits living in France and have decided to treat ourselves to a cruise this winter as the cruise companies are offering such hefty discounts it's an offer we couldn't refuse.  Normally cruises are so expensive .  The one we chose stops in Istanbul at 13H on the 23rd and leaves again late afternoon on the 24th    We gather it could be cold and wet, no probs we'll wear waterproofs and lots of layers, but what does anyone recommend that will give us, in just such a short time, a true feel for the city - we won't have time for indepth visits to art galleries or museums, but the Blue Mosque seems to be a 'must see' and we'd like to get a feel for how the population live and work, perhaps a ferry trip, a quick wander around an area that sells local goods rather than tourist stuff, maybe a seafood area that sort of thing - any suggestions please ?  We are told that most places accept Euros - is this correct ?   Is there anything we should be particularly wary about ?  

started by: leokath · last update: 1366633471 · posted: 1364034667

Hi there, Does anyone know of a shop preferably in Kadikoy, or Istanbul generally, that sells felt-making materials? That is good wool, preferably merino plus felting needles. Many thanks Kath

started by: Sally Inka · last update: 1365438239 · posted: 1365438239

Good Afternoon, I need a tennis coach who speaks very well French and/or English. I have a private house in Emirgan and we have our own tennis court. Weekends are preferred. Thank you.  

started by: free soul chang · last update: 1363009620 · posted: 1349279609

I am looking for a private Turkish tuitor. I am Korean., have little english background as well I am free only on Saturdays and Sundays btw 12:00-16:00. Where can I find a speaking Turkish teacher. Pls help me!! tenks. 

started by: istlover · last update: 1362151829 · posted: 1362151829

People, Have you ever tried to have a picnic in Belgrade Forest? Is it crowded on weekends?? Does barbeque is allowed? Thanks

started by: Melissa-880758 · last update: 1358772050 · posted: 1358772050

Hi AngloInfo Istanbul, I want to do volunteer work in Istanbul. I quit my job and I have lots of free time to spare for a charity organizasation... On the other hand, I am an expat, I can work with people who speak English. Which communities do you suggest? Any personal experince or advise is highly apperciated. Thanks

started by: Adam Smith-764063 · last update: 1356291777 · posted: 1356291777

Hi peoplei My friends are coming to Istanbul for x-mas and new yeari they are going to stay until end of January 2013. Do you know any eco-friendly hotel close to tunnel in Istanbul? for a long term rental. Thank you

started by: Adam Smith-764063 · last update: 1353937404 · posted: 1353512065

I and mywife are looking to organize a Blue Cruise for the next year. Does anyone have recommendations for cruise operators/ companies? Thanks

started by: istlover · last update: 1352758715 · posted: 1352758715

is there any way to get Jenifer Lopez concert tickets at a low price? Commercial ticketing sites have killing expensive tickets prices. I never think to give that amount of money!!!!

started by: Alex-764060 · last update: 1352656166 · posted: 1341576981

Does anyone can offer me a popular gym in Istanbul? My friends said that there were quite good ones. What about prices?

started by: istlover · last update: 1351598138 · posted: 1351376855

Good evening could someone help me where to get ipad2 in istanbul? which stores are easy to reach? Should I have to pay VAT? I work here. I earn here. Do you suggest to get turkish mobile lines' packages? I need one as sson as possible. thanx

started by: Alex-764060 · last update: 1350384168 · posted: 1350384168

Any suggests? some friends say istanbul is very quite in bayrams because locals leave the city for a long 4-day Bayram holiday. But i havent decide whether to leave the city or stay in the city and have fun of empty streets :) What should I do. I need someone to inform me. thanks

started by: disa · last update: 1349964770 · posted: 1349654472

Hi all, Does anyone know of a beginners digital photography course (in English) in Istanbul?

started by: katerinave · last update: 1348488428 · posted: 1348354426

Hello Angloinfoistanbul, I want to take up squash, where in Istanbul do you think I can learn and play it? thnks

started by: sandra-764072 · last update: 1346369578 · posted: 1346279675

Is there anywhere in the Asian side of Istanbul that offers horse riding lessons for English speaking kids? Thnks

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