24 hour visit to Istanbul 23/24 december

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Hi, we are Brits living in France and have decided to treat ourselves to a cruise this winter as the cruise companies are offering such hefty discounts it's an offer we couldn't refuse.  Normally cruises are so expensive .  The one we chose stops in Istanbul at 13H on the 23rd and leaves again late afternoon on the 24th    We gather it could be cold and wet, no probs we'll wear waterproofs and lots of layers, but what does anyone recommend that will give us, in just such a short time, a true feel for the city - we won't have time for indepth visits to art galleries or museums, but the Blue Mosque seems to be a 'must see' and we'd like to get a feel for how the population live and work, perhaps a ferry trip, a quick wander around an area that sells local goods rather than tourist stuff, maybe a seafood area that sort of thing - any suggestions please ?  We are told that most places accept Euros - is this correct ?   Is there anything we should be particularly wary about ?  


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