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My children and I are gonna visit an alternative state. We're interested to be acquainted with what if it would be superior to compensate for a excursion to the tourism firm and select a good tour or go on by ourselves, afterward certainly we should look for some high-quality private guide in Barcelona. One more query is whether we should use a escort or an translator to obtain to know the country and its traditions better. I thought that it should be better to be sure of this prior to leave and to book a trip in our country. We can build up a personalized tourist strategy, order places to stay, inquire for some recommendation. What do you feel?

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can you suggest to me a book/novel about Istanbul in english or german ? and of course, where can I find it? thnx, JH

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Hi everyone, We are from the UK and hope to visit Turkey for a month in September 2012. We are sailors, we need to know Turkish sailing requirements? Thank you, JH

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what is the favorite mosque of isytanbul for ramadan baiyram praying?

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Can anyone help me about the accomodation options in istanbul? Are hostels safe to stay? Do they have single rooms? Is it possible to stay in university dormitories? Which location is better to stay? Graziexx

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Are there any swimming pools you can use without being a member of a sports club?

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Are there any guided walking tours in Istanboel? Thanks

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