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I have tried to add my own business to the AngloIndo business directory but always failed because at the end I must choose one of the paid listing? If the free listing is not available, why the listing submision button written like this: ADD YOUR BUSINESS FOR FREE? 

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Hi everyone, In case you aren't all too familiar with the different parts of our website, I would encourage you all to take a look at a Youtube video shared with us by the AngloINFO Costa Rica team. This gives a representative overview on all main parts of our website. Wherever you are, in Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro and Costa Rica, you will be able to get a lot of useful INFOrmation and support from people living in the city by checking out our AngloINFO websites.   Regards Mario    

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Hello! I just uploaded a very simple screencast for those who might passively browse AngloINFO Jakarta and have been reluctant to ask about: 1. How to register on MyAngloINFO, as well as 2. How to place a free Directory Listing The steps are shown in the screencast below. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions whatsoever. Mario Registration on My AngloINFO and placing a free Directory Listing

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  As a co-editor with Loody, we have both received inquiries on how to follow up on posts, especially on items for sale or looking for categories. Many free classifieds posted are for the most part anonymous, and you might wonder how to contact these individuals when no e-mail or contact number is given. Actually, this is an option given to all users and readers, as well to those posting the classified ads. AngloINFO respects an individual's privacy, while we also caution people making use of the Classifieds section, by never divulging sensitive, private details you would not otherwise want to share (bank details, address, contact numbers). By using MyAngloINFO prudently and with common sense, you can avoid and minimise  getting your private details disclosed. When someone posts a classified, you can always click on the name and have the option of writing him/her an AngloINFO mail, where you can make the inquiry without disclosing any details until such time you deem it appropriate to divulge more details, like your number, or perhaps even have a face to face meeting.     Hope all the readers will get more and more familiar, and we appreciate getting the questions like this at any time.     Mario

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This area is for resolving any technical issues you may have with the operation of AngloINFO.-----Classifieds & Discussions Administration

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