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who knows a good car rental service with the option of a driver that can rent 5 cars at this time? I knee I should have anticipated the jump in rentals this weekend but I didn't expect every single number, including the ones on the listings here to be unavailable. All I want are 5 innova for our extended family. The bus company we reserved 3 months ago told me only this week they had a problem to make it available. The idiots didn't even offer to find me a replacement and just gave my money back. anyone that knows anyone. Please help. Send me a message please.

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Hi guys, I've been living for a couple of years here in Indonesia, and I think it's become necessary to have my own car. Currently looking for a second-hand city car like a Toyota Yaris or a Honda Jazz. There are quite a few websites that specialize in buying and selling used cars. I have been looking at carmudi.com and mobil123.com (but both are only posting ads in Bahasa). I also saw cars being posted on olx.co.id From these ones, or if there are other good sites (which don't necessarily come up on google), can anyone suggest them to me?

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What is the going rate for a driver in Jakarta area? I have given up on getting around town myself and I want to hire my own driver. Where can you find them? Is there a community organization to advertise? I was thinking of placing a classified on The Jakarta Post or The Jakarta Globe too. But then again, which driver would be reading any of those yeah?  If I wanted to post on a local newspaper which would be the best one?

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May I have information about mini bus rental in Jakarta? I want to bring some of my Italian friends to visit some historical places in Jakarta. We are about 14 people. thanks.  

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I just figure out that I have no towing service numbers at all so far, would you give me some? In case something happen I know who I'll contact to. The good ones please. 

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Do you guys know if I want to buy tandem bike for adult? My partner and I would love joining car free day in HI roundabout. Biking tandemly is our dream. We went to several bike stores but they didn't have any.

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recently, i consider motorcycle is the best escape for traffic in jakarta. no, i won't buy any, but i wonder where to rent one. the automatic will be the best for me. how much do you think per month? what will it take?

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Does anyone know any car rental for monthly? Been looking for it but not finding any yet. I need 2 city cars, for my kids (shuttle for school) and my wife. I own a car but seems having 1 is not enough. Meanwhile we gotta move out from Jakarta next January, it's such a waste to buy another car. Somebody with an information about this so much appreciated.

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This area is for discussing local motoring (and biking!) issues-----Classifieds & Discussions Administration

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Do you guys have some tips about how to buy used motorbike in Jakarta? Motorbike is the best vehicle for Jakarta I supposed, but I won't get a new one as next year I'll move to the Philippine. Where's the best dealer for used vehicle in town?

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Hey'all, where do you think the best car painting in Jakarta? I'm planning to paint my white Vios, to be more colorful. If you only have price list I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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Hi I like to travel weekends out of town, and give my company-assigned driver a break (as well as for my own privacy).Does anybody know where I can get reliable, english speaking drivers from a car rental service?  Need just something simple like an Avanza or Kijang. Preferably able to reserve in short notice. Any information appreciated. Adam

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How do i own a car in Jakarta? Is is possible for foreigner to own a car in Jakarta? Any procedure required?

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Where should I go if I need some biking equipment such cycling gear, clothing, tires, accessories and so on?  

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Could foreigner have an Indonesian driving license? How to get it if the answer is yes?  

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Hey everyone, I want to start living healthy by biking at least once a week. Do you have any references of biking club in town? Because I imagine it's gonna be more fun if I join a club. Thank you!  

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Hi, I am looking for long term car rental for personal use. Just need a small, simple and economical automatic car for transportation. Should you provide economic car rental or have a spare car that you would like to rent out. Please email me at sita_tang79@hotmail.com   Thank you.

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Admin is reposting this thread, originally under General Discussion from EP Vet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EP Vet wrote: I've been reading in the news that Jakarta will implement a car zone limitation, based on odd/even number plates? How will that work exactly? Where are the the off-limit areas in the city? Any ideas? EP   Posted on: 12/12/2012 at 00:03 Reply...     mars - Singapore All Posts | Delete Reply | Edit | Report abuse     I got this from an Indonesian colleague, it's from Tempo magazine. The affected areas are: - "three in one"  corridors along Blok M to Kota and Jalan Gatot Soebroto, plus Jalan Rasuna Said.- West to East corridors of Transjakarta. - Jalan Sultan Agung from Karet to Manggarai right through Jalan Pramuka. - Further east until Cempaka Putih, from Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan and Jalan Jenderal Suprapto - Jalan Kyai Tapa and KH Hasyim Anshari connecting Grogol with Harmoni The north to south streets affected: - Jalan Gunung Sahari, Kramat Raya, Salemba, Jatinegara, up to Cawang. - Jalur Cideng, Mas Mansyur. crossing to Tanah Abang, further to Jalan Prof Dr. Satrio dan Casablanca ending at Kampung Melayu In short: practically the whole of Jakarta (that matters) LOL

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