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Where should I go if I need some biking equipment such cycling gear, clothing, tires, accessories and so on?  


Da Silva-899677 1367494930

I found one in BSD Tangerang, named sepeda kita. It provides what I needed, so I recommend it to you. The place is comfy too.

Angga Firmansyah 1369919577

Bike Colony in Radio Dalam provides many equipments and accessories you may need.

From Pondok Indah it's located at your left.

I'm a pixie biker, I found lot of things I need for my pixie there.

It's only my recommendation, actually there are many stores in Jakarta.

It depends where you live now.

Adam McDonald 1369925721

Pasaraya Blok M (hope I got that right), has an extensive new section on one of its top floors, either the 3rd or 4th floor.

I went there last week before hitting "the Block" and saw it was well furnished.


Put3 1369992478

Giant Bicycle in Pasar Jumat can be one of your options too. I always passed it by every Monday but I never visited (I have no bike, so.. ). I have no idea do they sell accessories or equipment you look for. But I think it's worthy to try.

Life In Mars 1370015493

Thanks guys, I didn't know the forum's going to be this wide. I went to Bike Colony and yes they have what I looked for. It's recommended for bikers. BSD is too far for me I have to say, but maybe one day, who knows?

Blok M sounds good, Pasar Jumat maybe when I have a chance to go there (not really familiar with the area).

Over all, thank you so much guys!

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