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Hi, I am looking for long term car rental for personal use. Just need a small, simple and economical automatic car for transportation. Should you provide economic car rental or have a spare car that you would like to rent out. Please email me at   Thank you.


aMJay 1361022452

I used a car rental service from Zoel Rental Car. At +62 813 10372781

But they insist you are renting with a driver as well. Smallest cars are Avanza or Xenia. Last time I rented them in 2011 they went for 3,5 million rupiah/month + driver so it came to just over 5 million all in, including salary and his overtime.

That was for a 1 year minimum lease agreement.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Zitaa,

One of our team members already wrote to you in private to respond and give you suggestions. In addition, we recommend you look up our directory:

These rental companies are vetted and some of them even offer optional drivers, since it seems you wish to take the car out on your own.

Hope that helps.


mars-71607 1361023686

Small cars that are personally driven are less likely to be hired out for fear of abuse by clients. The info from AmJay probably fits your best options if you wanna lease. A small 1500cc car that is considered a "minibus" in Indonesia. Never heard of hatchbacks like a Yaris or Swift being leased to the best of my knowledge. 

My wife's uncle has a small rental and he says that it's too risky compared to the margins they make to lease small cars below 1500cc.

Also, be careful when accepting personal solicitations to rent from individuals. For all you know the paperwork might be bogus, and you could end up in trouble with the authorities unknowingly.

Best is to make an arrangement with large rental companies, or those that are validated by someone,and  see what is doable with them. It might cost a little more, but you will have needed peace of mind.

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Take my advice: in Jakarta, unless it's absolutely avoidable...don't bother taking the car urself especially on weekdays or during the rush hour. Get a driver, if that's not an option use the more decent cab companies (i only use bluebird, sometimes express too). 

Never tried the busway, and no chance to take a train anytime soon. Not ectensive enough here.

zitaa 1361207370

Thanks all for the advise, i will consider carefully again.

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