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Hey'all, where do you think the best car painting in Jakarta? I'm planning to paint my white Vios, to be more colorful. If you only have price list I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


Akhmad 1373300733

Plaza Body Paint in Green Garden. I accompanied my friend to do the body painting for his car like a year ago in this place. I didn't know how much it cost unfortunately.

bungJamiegoesCrazy 1373388451

Agung Jaya in Sunter, not bad likely good. It's close on Sunday, so better to go there from Mon-Sat. I did an auto body repair several times and the result was good, satisfied. Maybe you can check their website but it's in bahasa actually.

Archiee 1373459066

I got my BMW painted few months ago at Siaga Pasar Minggu. The place isn't too good, but the result is very nice. It cost me about 6 million, but worthy. I have the contact number of them, just tell me if you want to have it.

jakartan100 1374748526

Sorry guys just have a chance to respond, Archiee please let me know the number. I have few references from friends and your reference would be the best for me. At least I know how much I should pay.

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