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who knows a good car rental service with the option of a driver that can rent 5 cars at this time? I knee I should have anticipated the jump in rentals this weekend but I didn't expect every single number, including the ones on the listings here to be unavailable. All I want are 5 innova for our extended family. The bus company we reserved 3 months ago told me only this week they had a problem to make it available. The idiots didn't even offer to find me a replacement and just gave my money back. anyone that knows anyone. Please help. Send me a message please.


Marianne-894894 1406496622

Choco mint, 

I just sent you a connection request and will send a direct message. I know the owner of a rental company directly and if your event is 29 July onwards he can procure these vehicles for you.

choco-mint 1406575543

Much thanks Marianne, but in the end we decided to charter a small bus inatead fron one of our friends' business acquaintance. They 35 seater and we're on the way since Saturday.

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