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Funny Chick



What is the going rate for a driver in Jakarta area? I have given up on getting around town myself and I want to hire my own driver. Where can you find them? Is there a community organization to advertise? I was thinking of placing a classified on The Jakarta Post or The Jakarta Globe too. But then again, which driver would be reading any of those yeah?  If I wanted to post on a local newspaper which would be the best one?


La Luna 1415655990

Contact the AWA or some other expat organization who can give pointers on this. This website has the link to their details in the directory.

I used to remember the Jakarta International Community Centre being able to place the help like drivers, cooks, maids, nannies and gardeners but I think that service has been discontinued now.

if you wanna be brave and look for one yourself you better have basic bahasa skills to get a good interview with the driver (and that he'll know you mean business and can't be taken for a ride by him - pun intended).

Personally I WOULD NOT advertise in J Post or Globe as it's unlikely a driver will be looking there. Post an advertisement either on one of these online sites (which can  be free) - so if the guy speaks good English he would go for free sources like the net; OR post an advertisement in English on the SATURDAY edition of Kompas (which is a daily that has a popular Vacancies section on that day). Another option is the Pos Kota, which can be for any day.

Warning: Do not, I repeat DO NOT put your current email and / or mobile number in the advertisement. You will be swamped with rubbish spam and funny calls afterwards.

instead make the effort on creating a special email account for this as well as investing in a SIM card, the contact number you share and discard once the task is done.

Good luck on your hunt. If you find a good, honest and reliable (plus discrete driver), do all you can to keep him!!! 

La Luna 1415656574

In my enthusiasm I forgot the basic question: how much?

The answer: that depends. If you get a driver who speaks decent English and reliable you ought to pay a total of around 3 million monthly, all in. He should work 6 days a week for that amount and be ready on ocassion to work Sundays too (if you returned from a trip and needed pickup at the airport for example).

Private drivers generally earn less tham corporate types (some with overtime.can take home almost double the amount above. But that would include lots of overtime factored in.

If you were a local then you might hire a driver for a LOT LESS than that, say 1.5 - 2 million, just don't expect clockwork reliability.

Hope that helps ya!

Khaled al Faraby 1415696553

This is how I compensate our driver:

Basic salary 1.5 million

Weekly allowance 150k x 4 weeks = 600k

Daily meals 2 x 20k x 22 days = 880 k

Take home pay 4 = 2.980 million

If we take the car out on weekends, then he gets an additional 75K/day

He gets either Saturday or Sunday off, depending on our plans.

Also you must let your (Moslem) driver do his Friday prayers and give a break between 11:30 - 12:30 or 13:00 (including a lunch break).

Again if you find a good one, that is honest and diligent, I would give occasional tips or bonuses, maybe 20k here and 30k there for his "cigarette money" or uang rokok.

smorgasborg87 1415873733

I am new to Jakarta, but many friends have recommended to make use of drivers because as I have noticed the traffic here can be paralyzing.

From what my other expat friends have mentioned, they are paying the drivers around 3.5 to 4 million overall, which includes the lunch money. They will also reimburse for any minor medical claims like visits to the doctor and for medicine.

If you want get a good driver, the tip one friend told me is to take a cab (Bluebird is preferred) and have a chat with the guy. Some of them would be persuaded to change to being a private driver (especially if your schedule is clearly 9-5). Give it a shot.

Funny Chick 1415976091

I took the advice from some of the people on the forum here and tomorrow I'll be advertising on Kompas as well as Pos Kota.

It is a good tip to use another number, because it's already bad enough here with all these telemarketers offering a load of rubbish, even when you don't speak their language they still try to converse in English with you.

What a pain!

Anyway I appreciate all the tips posted here folks.


Sinar Petromaks 1416176134

Putting things in perspective for this topic here: the best way to recruit a driver is from one of those car rental companies. You can hire a car for a day with a driver which will cost about 300k rupiah for the cheapest type which is xenia. See if you think he is reliable (and safe!)

You can also test his English underatanding. Dont expect him to answer you beyond one or two sentences at a time but that is good enough.

You can ask him if he would join you either then or after you make up your mind.

as a comparison the business I has a driver the owners and he is getting:

1. Salary with minimum wage at 2.2 million (if private you can consider the whole take home pay value). Working hours from 06:30 - 05:00 pm

2. Overtime (after 5pm) of 10k/hour

3. Dinner money if working overtime after 7pm. That is discretionary.

working overtime an average 3 hours daily he can make total 2.2million + 660k + dinner money = around Rp 3 million.

Only big companies will pay the corporate drivers around 5 million but they essentially live to work only and often sleep in the office durimg working days.

I think if spending around 3 million for a person to take you around is not an issue then it is money well spent.

be ready that he will:


1. Ask for a loan (that he can seldom payback)

2. Take days off with either sickness or family catastrophe.

3. Overhear yoi talking in Bahasa or English in the car.

it's quite some money just to get around but money well spenr.

Cindyra Center 1416826718

Hi Funny Chick,

We are from Cindyra Center,  We do have drivers, maids, Jaga (security) and Nanny interview, (Matching staff registry). There are open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10: am - 1 pm.

If You still looking for the driver, please contact us at below number:

Cindyra Cente

Jl. Permata Bintaro Raya Blok HG 13 No.8

Bintaro Jaya Sektor 9

Phone: 021 7487 0156

Mobile: 0815 8679 4811 / 0813 8270 7040


Thank You,

Kind Regards,

Cindyra Center

Funny Chick 1416862290

Thank you Cindyra Center, I decided to take my colleague's previous driver in the end. The ads from Indonesian newspapers didn't give the desired results.

However I heard about you and I think the forum admin here also has spoken about your center so I'll be referring any new people I meet your way.


smorgasborg87 1418823995

I got a great deal from Rental Mobil Kebayoran at 087887477662. They give you the car with a driver available per month.

This might be another alternative than hiring a driver on your own.

Laurent Eisenstadt 1418894500

Smorgasborg87 how does that work for you? Are you happy with the service level of the driver? I have a car leased from a rental company but hired my own driver from friend of the security guard at my place.

He was good at first (we use him only weekdays; weekends I prefer to drive myself): after three months, the guy started to be ill almost once every week, or had some excuse not to go into work for the day (kids' school, parents needed him to come over for example).

Therefore, if you found the services to your satisfaction I might just consider something like that when my lease expires at the end of this month. Please let me know.


smorgasborg87 1420721225

@Laurent: well I just returned from vacation this week; it was a big help having a serviced car during the holiday season.So far, I am quite happy with the driver and the car rental company.

I know getting around Jakarta can be somewhat of a hassle too, so it really is money well spent.






Indrajit Singh 1420740435

Drivers are increasingly becoming a "luxury" to have in Jakarta because the good and reliable ones can cost you a lot of money.

I paid 2.5 million to my driver until end of last year. He left because according to him that was inadequate; he's single, lives with his parents and works for me Monday-Saturday from 7am-5pm.

I think there are even drivers in Jakarta earning under 2 million monthly.





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