English speaking drivers and car rental?

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Hi I like to travel weekends out of town, and give my company-assigned driver a break (as well as for my own privacy).Does anybody know where I can get reliable, english speaking drivers from a car rental service?  Need just something simple like an Avanza or Kijang. Preferably able to reserve in short notice. Any information appreciated. Adam


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Hi Adam,

For vetting of staff, or posts, I think the Jakarta International Community Centre already has a very good support system which you should try.


For cars with drivers try


This includes some with 24hr reservation

For just drivers see the section below


There's a "Tiara Kasih Bunda" listed there, might have just drivers.

We know a taxi driver that does some tours as well. He works fir Bluebird and gets some specific requests from former guests. He is tourism industry-educated. Send me a short message and I will give you his name and details.




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Admin can I get too? Will write you. Youcan be reached how?

L. Koslowski

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Hi Adam,

My driver asks for weekend work, but I prefer taking the car on my own.

If you want he can be made available to you.

Let's contact privately.



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Try Universal. They are at Arjuna Selatan in Jakarta tho their HQ is in Bandung. My office worked with  them. I think they hv a website www.ptuniversal.com

They provide cars with drivers, maybe it's more convenient as a package considering insurance, overtime etc.


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Hi Antomike,

We appreciate your offer, but the Discussion forum isn't for commercial posts.

Why don't you place a classified instead? We have both paid and free options.

I will be deleting your post from here OK.


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Thanks Mario,

I just got the notifications and realized that as a new comer there is an etiquette here I violated.

My apologize for the inconvenience to all of you.






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Dear Friend,

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