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May I have information about mini bus rental in Jakarta? I want to bring some of my Italian friends to visit some historical places in Jakarta. We are about 14 people. thanks.  


Loody Skarenda 1365772915

Hi Michaelangelo, it's very nice of you to take your Italian friends experiencing historical aspect of Jakarta. I believe they will be impressed.

AngloINFO Jakarta has several names that might help you in renting mini bus, please check this link:

They might offer you tour package, but it depends on you whether you want to take the package or go solo with your friends.


Loody Skarenda, AngloINFO Jakarta

Akhmad 1365776979

I have friends who can take you to Jakarta tour plus they can rent a mini bus too. If you want to I can give you their contact numbers.

Michaelangelo-899679 1365779510

I've checked your list and got 1 rented mini bus includes driver. It's not too expensive but hopefully it's comfortable for my friends. I want to try myself as a host to deliver what I know abour Jakarta so far, hopefully my friends will get satisfied. Thank you for the offer anyway.

Mereiss 1368631374

Many bus rental companies are offering high quality services for wedding, parties, and other special events. Get the price quotes from top leading bus rentals (Note by Editor: the link to Dubai rentals has been removed out of irrelevance to this thread) companies in the city and compare and read reviews and recommendations. Then select the best and affordable company for your transportation needs.

Mario-884284 1369245526

Hi Mereiss,

We are talking about Jakarta rentals here, so anything out of greater Jakarta, let alone another country is not relevant for this post. I am going to delete your message on account of the irrelevant post.



Loody Skarenda 1369647047

Hi Antonmike,

As Mario told you in the previous topic, it's better to post your offer in our Classified to make it more useful. We will delete your comment here, and hopefully you can post in the Classified. 


Loody Skarenda, AngloINFO Jakarta

choco-mint 1406278929

Akhmad does your friend have a mini bus available? I need it for a party of 25 people. Thr bus rental company dropped our reservation after paying and I'm stuck. Even finding car rentals that will give me so many is near impossible. Please help me if you can. I send you a message with my details OK. 

Akhmad 1406280623

Sorry choco-mint I think they are fully booked til the 4th.

try the smaller car rental companies who might arrange for you. But getting 5 at once today is a lot of effort so they will probably charge extra.

where are you going? If it is out of town, you don't want to leave now. This is the worst time to travel anywhere by car for long distances. 

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