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Does anyone know any car rental for monthly? Been looking for it but not finding any yet. I need 2 city cars, for my kids (shuttle for school) and my wife. I own a car but seems having 1 is not enough. Meanwhile we gotta move out from Jakarta next January, it's such a waste to buy another car. Somebody with an information about this so much appreciated.


Loody Skarenda 1381511676

Hi Tom and Jerry,

Have you tried to go through our Directory for Car Hire & Vehicle Rental? You'll find more options for your monthly car rental for sure. Adiwarna Car Rental is obviously worth to try. They have monthly and even yearly rental service. Please do contact for more details (price and terms&conditions).

Good luck!

Loody Skarenda

Akhmad 1381769307

My brother in law has Xenia that usually been rented, I xan ask him if you're interested. He doesn't run car rental business it's just occasionally he rented his car. As I know he doesn't really often uses the car.

Tom and Jerry 1382007574

Good to know Adiwarna. My wife's acquaintance offered her cars too, but she didn't want to come up with the monthly fee. Do you know how much usually it cost for monthly rental?

Put3 1382097286

My own experience is only the weekly rate, it was about 2,000,000 per week. I rented Avanza for 2 weeks only, they gave me 10% off instead, without driver. Simply calculate 2,000,000 times 4 = around 8,000,000.

Tom and Jerry 1382309258

many thanks puthree! I couldn't determine the rate, you just gave me the possible cost I should cover for monthly rented car. it was quite twisted since the car's owner didn't appear with the qte at all.

timmy-941489 1389521305

 Exuse me, i have the official driving license in Hong Kong, could you know that it is available to driving in Jakarta?

Loody Skarenda 1389621550

Dear timmy,

As I explained in the previous forum that only home country (Indonesia) and international driving license are accepted in Indonesia. So you need to proceed an Indonesia driving licence or the international one. For more information, you can go to our Driving License in Indonesia.

Hope you enjoy your time here :)

Loody Skarenda

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