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Van Hook



How do i own a car in Jakarta? Is is possible for foreigner to own a car in Jakarta? Any procedure required?


Akhmad 1367576282

Good point! I'm thinking the same way too, I saw few times foreigners driving cars and started to think how they bought those cars, or maybe they just borrowed them somewhere. And do they have Indonesian driving license?

Loody Skarenda 1367584103

Hi Van Hook, please check AngloINFO guidance of owning vehicle in Indonesia here. Hopefully it helps!


Loody Sarenda, AngloINFO Jakarta


Van Hook 1367597464

I got the point now! Not really complicated in fact, as I can provide those whole things. I'll get my man to manage it though. Thanks!

John McElwee 1368102342

Owning a car isn't the problem (but why own when you can lease?)

DRIVING a car in Jakarta can be a problem.... :-)

Spare yourself the misery, get a driver with the car lease. Many companies offer that option as a default in addition to the car lease.


jakartan100 1368189924

Couldn't agree more with John. If you plan to stay for certain times here, leasing a car is the best. Take a driver to make your life easier lol!!

Van Hook 1368191647

Hey John and Jakartan in fact I'm going to stay in Jakarta for good, that's why I'm going to buy a car to accommodate me here. Driver? for sure!! I don't wanna waste my time in traffic without doing nothing HAHA..


John McElwee 1371303387

Did you manage find a suitable car and driver Van Hook? 

My driver has a neighbour who is looking for work. Do you need someone?


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