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recently, i consider motorcycle is the best escape for traffic in jakarta. no, i won't buy any, but i wonder where to rent one. the automatic will be the best for me. how much do you think per month? what will it take?


Angga Firmansyah 1389117214

As far as I know it will take you about 1-1,5 million/ month for an automatic motorbike rental.

My advice is buy a second motorbike and when you finished using it just sell it again.

It's cheaper if you think you'll use it for more than 1 month.

Here's a number that can help you if you really want to rent a motorbike (021) 68858685 ask for Mr Richi.

They will need your ID (passport), visa and do a little survey.

l4zy4sur3 1389185533

what survey? I don't know, but I assume it would more complicated if I buying one. Renting will be the best option I can think of right now. Just curious how much it cost for an used motorcycle?

Angga Firmansyah 1389482041

Survey of where your living, is it true all the data are.

They want to make sure if you are trusted or not.

It depends on the condition, if it's still in excellent condition it may be above 6-7 million.

l4zy4sur3 1389696853

I don't know it can be this complicated. I saw flood all the way Jakarta yesterday and motorcycle seemed not the best when it happened. I do have to reconsider of renting or buying it. Thanks anyhow.

Mission in possible 1391537469

Thank you for posting it, I was thingking to rent one too but I have to reconsider it. Does Richi rent it daily? I might need it for 3 days only, will the survey still apply?

Akhmad 1391610685

As long as I know, instead of having survey to your house, the rental company usually does visit to your work. To know where to go if someting happens in the future. It won't be that compicated. 

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